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Outdoors: Wawa’s backcountry is legit

With action this good, it's hard keeping it a secret

If your snowmobile conversations with riding friends include the following phrases, continue reading; you will love what I’m about to reveal to you.

"I can’t wait to get my sled in some bottomless pow."

"We need to find a few good booters to hit."

"What are the odds of making it up that?"

And finally: "We need to find out what’s over the next hill!"

I’ve got to tell you, Wawa’s Top Secret Boondocking is legit. If your buddies and you are looking to go for a serious rip and want to shred the gnar, you will love what’s possible in Wawa.

I’ll admit to you early on, it's not just one component of this area that makes it a bona fide winner; it’s the entire package. Top Secret Boondocking is magnificently impressive with a touch of formidable defiance.

Enough with the fancy descriptive words, let’s get down to the raw greatness of Wawa and its backcountry experience.

I’ve been by snowmobile to many friendly Northern Ontario towns. Wawa, located in Ontario’s Algoma Country, is beyond your standard "snowmachine friendly." It has the expected easy-to-access services like gas, restaurants, and even the ability to find parts should the need arise.

It’s really nice to know when snowmobiling somewhere that you’re welcomed in that community. Where does Wawa shine above and beyond the hundreds of other sled-receptive communities? Wawa embraces the backcountry riding enthusiast, and that, my friends, is hard to find here in Ontario.

- Jeff McGirr

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