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Outdoors: Pike and walleye on a fly

Great fly fishing opportunities in the region

In Algoma Country, there are some great fly fishing opportunities for numerous warm water and even cold water species.

One of our favourite locations is Lodge Eighty Eight on Esnagi Lake. Easy access to a wilderness fishing is one of the biggest reasons why anglers love this lodge.

You can fly in on a floatplane from White River, or take the train if you don’t like to fly. Either way, it’s a short and easy trip to arrive at the lodge, which is located in an area with excellent northern pike and walleye fishing.

Esnagi Lake is 27 miles long and is filled with excellent bays, islands, and shoals for great fishing and exploring.

The big pike here hold tight to emerging or established weed beds and near structures such as beaver lodges, fallen trees, and rocky points.

The best time to fish for them on Esnagi Lake is May through to early July when they are still in relatively shallow water, which is perfect for fly fishers. Even the walleye can be easily caught in 6 to 12 feet of water near weedbeds and rocky points.

The lodge has great boats for fly fishers with wide bottoms and good casting decks. Esnagi Lake is large and thankfully, Lodge Eighty Eight has guides available who can be hired for a day or two to show you the best hot-spots.

Lodge Eighty Eight has both housekeeping and full American plans to meet your needs. The main lodge has a pool table, full bar, and TV area with satellite connections so you won’t miss that important game! The lodge features cabins and rooms that are large and spacious for your fly fishing equipment.

- Colin McKeown

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