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Outdoors: Old Woman Bay - a must stop on Lake Superior

A scenic stop on your ride around Lake Superior

At the northern tip of Lake Superior Provincial Park resides Old Woman Bay. Whether driving north from the Sault or south from Wawa, she always demands attention upon arrival.

With close proximity and accessible parking for all, it makes a great place for a day's adventure along Superior. There are no camping options for this area of the park; a nearby option is Rabbit Blanket Lake Campground.

A long sandy beach populated with driftwood surrounds you with the true beauty of Algoma at Old Woman Bay. Looking towards the horizon, the face of the Old Woman can be seen within the 200-metre standing cliffs to the left.

The bay horseshoes out to the main body of Superior to the north, leading you to Entrance Island. With the easy access, Old Woman Bay makes for a great spot year-round for picnics, sight-seeing, fishing, even a swim if you don’t mind the cold!

There are hiking options available for those looking to spend time off the beaten path. The Nokomis Trail is located on the north-eastern side of the highway across from the Old Woman Bay parking area.

There are parking fees here: $7.50 for 4 hours and $5.50 for 2 hours. It is a 5-km round trip and offers a beautiful view of Lake Superior and Old Woman Bay.

- Greg Sacco

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