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Outdoors: Kayaking St. Joseph Island

A wonderful way to explore the Island and get close to Mother Nature

The kayak is the mode of transportation and the camera is the instrument to capture the beauty of St. Joseph Island, nestled in the northwestern part of Lake Huron east of Sault Ste. Marie.

The word kayak literally means “hunter’s boat.” It's a wonderful means to explore all the beautiful inland lakes and outer shores of St. Joseph Island. The kayak is easy to load onto your vehicle to venture off to your location of the day, and also enables you to get into little bays, rivers and tributaries.

You normally would not be able to access these in a larger boat, and you'd miss the beauty of these secret little places teaming with wildlife. The kayak is also very quiet, enabling you to sneak up and capture beautiful wildlife. The landscapes are breathtaking, feeling part of the waterscape floating inches above the water.

Inland, Twin Lakes is teaming with loons, turtles, eagles, turkey vultures, turkeys, deer, sand pipers, beaver, otters, and common terns. It is a beautiful inland lake that is very kayak-friendly, especially on very windy days.

Busy Beaver Campground and RV Trailer Park is on Hilton Road. They are open from the May long weekend to September 30 each year. There are 37 campsites. The fall is especially beautiful to kayak on the lake, as the leaves reflecting in the water are breathtaking.

Portage to the upper Twin across the causeway and enjoy the solitude, as it will be just you and nature along the uninhabited shoreline.

- Sheri Minardi

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