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Outdoors in Algoma: The workhorse of freshwater fishing

Spinning tackle is easy to use and adaptable to a wide variety of fishing presentations
Mark Romanack photo

Spinning rods and reels are essential equipment on most fishing adventures. All across Ontario’s Algoma Country, spinning tackle not only ranks high among anglers targeting walleye; the same type of gear is mandatory for many trout, bass, and even pike fishing presentations.

Designed primarily for light line fishing presentations, spinning tackle shines best when combined with premium quality, low-memory lines like monofilament and fluorocarbon. Depending on the target species and the presentation at hand, the most common line sizes for spinning include 4-, 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-pound test.

Super braids also function well on spinning rods/reels for some specialized fishing applications like vertical jigging walleye, drop shotting for bass, or fishing heavy cover for bass, northern pike, and muskie.

Spinning gear is so popular that selecting gear from the many brands, models, actions, and lengths available can be overwhelming. It’s also easy to get confused by the different rating systems and trade names manufacturers use to describe relative rod sensitivity.

- Mark Romanack

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