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Outdoors: Get your winter fun on in Algoma

Explore the outdoors this winter and participate in one of many winter activities in Algoma

Opening your front door to see mountains of snow reminds you that you're truly in the North. Our region really does have the types of winter you hear about on the news – the towering snow banks, the polar-vortex temperatures.

But what the news doesn't tell you is that winter creates another season of adventure Algoma. There are countless activities here to keep you active and having fun.

Ice Fishing

So what if the lake froze over? That doesn't keep anglers off the lake. Ice fishing is a way of life in the North; the frozen lakes with a hole drilled through the thick ice, fishers secure in a warm ice hut – and you can't forget the peaceful surroundings, which make this experience even more enjoyable.

Many of Algoma's operators are open year-round, so there is always a warm comfortable place to stay. These accommodations offer variety of amenities, such as easy access from snowmobile trails, ice huts, and more.

Downhill Skiing & Snowboarding

Do you love the thrill and excitement of tackling a snow cover mountain on skis? Check out another Algoma favourite: downhill skiing and snowboarding at one of our region's ski resorts.

Our ski hills can accommodate every level and all ages from beginner to moderate to experienced. Ski hills are groomed daily so there are always visual trails throughout the hill and there are qualified instructors who can teach you.

And did we mention the view? From the top of the mountains you'll have a spectacular panoramic view of the Algoma wilderness. Ski trips are great for families, with groups of good friends, couples, or even the solo traveller.

- Andrea Zanatta

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