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Outdoors: Foul weather photography

Some of the most dramatic shots are taken during periods of foul weather

A beautiful, warm and sunny day can produce some beautiful images, especially if the blue sky is dappled with fluffy white clouds.

However, some of the most dramatic shots are taken during periods of foul weather; when the elements aren’t quite as hospitable. But braving them can result in some keeper images.

Whether it’s rain, hail, wind, sleet or fog, it’s always important to dress for the occasion so we can concentrate on the shot and not our discomfort. Pouring rain increases the saturation of colour in the rocks along the Lake Superior cobble beach in the image above.

It’s always worthwhile heading down to the coast of Lake Superior when there are high winds. I like to bring a soft, absorbent cloth to wipe my lens because blowing spray is a given any time there is wind and waves on the Big Lake.

I generally keep my ISO setting – how sensitive our camera’s sensor is to light – as low as possible, but in the low light often associated with foul weather I will use a higher ISO setting.

All weather and all photographers welcome at the Superior Woods and Waters Photography Workshop in early June.

- James Smedley

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