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Outdoors: Finding late fall walleye

An interview with local angler Andy Lesyshen

Being from the Sault, I have the pleasure of knowing and being surrounded by a lot of amazing anglers. With having one of the best walleye fisheries on our door step being the St. Marys River there are no shortage of extremely knowledgeable walleye fishermen in our city.

I could have tried to write this article with some of the know how I have, but there are just way too many guys around that would be able to describe this great fishery a heck of a lot better than I would be able too.

So, I knew I needed some help and knew that I didn't want to settle for an article that had the potential to be something special and would really help other anglers and describe what is really going in the river this time of year.

I was lucky enough to be able to sit, talk and text with one of the those very knowledgeable anglers recently, and got him to give us some of the best information you could ask for to be able to find and catch some of the late fall giant walleyes that the St. Marys system is known for.

Local angler Andy Lesyshen is known for being not just a walleye fisherman but a well versed multi-species angler around the Sault.

But if you take a look at his Facebook page around this time of year it won’t take you long to see what he targets late in the fall and that there is no question that he knows his stuff and especially knows where those big fish are.

Some of the key things about late fall walleye that Andy and I discussed -- and he’ll explain in the full story -- are if most of the walleye are predominantly in the river or lake and bay areas, if walleye can be caught shallow this time of year and not just deep, if walleye are more orientated to structure or baitfish at this time, what their primary depths and locations are and what his favorite techniques are.

- Kevin King

Read the full article to find out tips on fishing fall walleye.