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Outdoors: Dog photography in Algoma

What better companion when outdoors than a dog

Anyone who has a camera and a dog, likely has a small collection of dog photographs. Dogs are our companions – sharing the good times and the bad – and it should come as no surprise that they are often the subject of our photographs.

Dogs have a habit of situating themselves so we have no choice but to take their picture. Like when they line up patiently waiting for a picnic lunch to be served.

Sometimes dogs simply put themselves in pictures when we least expect it. I was photographing a couple relaxing on the warm granite when I was photo-bombed by a speeding canine. When dealing with high-energy dogs, fast shutter speeds are required to freeze the action.

What better companion when outdoors than a dog. The sheer joy they exhibit when running around in the woods is a lesson to us all to enjoy the simple things in life.

Photographers and their dogs welcome at the Superior Woods and Waters Photography Workshop early June.

- James Smedley

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