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Outdoors: Brennan Harbour Resort

Incredible drive-to walleye fishing in the Whalesback Channel of Lake Huron
Brennan Harbour Resort is located on the Whaleback Channel on northern Lake Huron, at the mouth of the Spanish River

One of the most common questions I get asked is, "Where can I take a fishing trip that I can drive to and stay under six hours from the Toronto area, but that offers great fishing?"

Of course, the opportunities in Ontario are endless, but many times they’ll also say that they want to go north for the Northern Ontario experience. They need rental boats, cooked meals, and comfortable cabins. That narrows the choices, but there are still a number of places that fit the bill.

One place I can highly recommend is Brennan Harbour Resort. It’s located on the Whaleback Channel on northern Lake Huron, at the mouth of the Spanish River, and it’s less than five hours from the city of Toronto.

You really get a sense that you are off the beaten track up here. The scenery is stunning and it’s everything you would expect from Northern Ontario. From the resort, you’ve got a clear view across the water at a number of tree-covered islands, granite outcroppings, and the forests that go on for as far as the eye can see.

Brennan Harbour have 16- and 18-foot boats for rent and they are all fully equipped with a trolling motor, a fish finder, and all the required safety equipment. If you want to bring your own boat, there is plenty of secure dock space available.

What makes this place really special is that the fishing is absolutely incredible. Being on the north part of Lake Huron you’ve got smallmouth bass, salmon, trout, pike, muskie, and walleyes—you’ve got everything up there. Being part of Lake Huron, the Whalesback Channel has a small lake feel with Great Lakes fish. The Channel is 14 miles long by about a mile to a mile and a half wide, and it’s protected from the larger water by a number of large and small islands.

- Bob Izumi

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