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Experience the Ice Caves During Algoma's winter season

In the latest Outdoors in Algoma, exploring Algoma’s ice formations has become a marvel to experience in Ontario
19-01-31 Outdoors In Algoma
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The only way to enjoy winter is to embrace it, and Algoma Country is the place to do so! If you dress for the occasion, you will enjoy the great white outdoors! With a shout-out from the New York Times travel section, exploring Algoma’s ice formations has become all the rage. A note of caution: you have to know the ice conditions and where it is safe to go. Learn all about ice safety before you go.

The best ice conditions are when Lake Huron and Lake Superior are almost completely frozen over. However, this is not a guarantee every winter. Many weeks of deep cold weather are needed for the big bodies of water to freeze over. According to one study, cited on Wikipedia: “The increase in the lake's surface temperature may be related to the decreasing ice cover. If trends continue, Lake Superior, which freezes over completely once every 20 years, could routinely be ice-free by 2040”.

There are many types of ice formations to enjoy in Algoma during the winter months. Many ice formations are frost flowers, pancake ice, ice circles, Stalactite and Stalagmite icicles, ice caves, frozen walls, blow holes, ice spikes, ice diamonds, ice balls, hoar frost, frozen waterfalls, ice encasements, and ice ridges.

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