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Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips: Time to start the final fall clean up

October has arrived following the nicest September we have had in quite a few years! The bit of rain we had last week and cooler temperatures has resulted in leaves starting to colour up.

Gardening Tips: Start planning to winterize garden accessories

There are many objects in the garden that need attention before winter sets in: birdbaths, fountain, statuary, containers, garden furniture and other accessories. With care, these items will grace the garden for many years to come.

Gardening Tips: Saving tender plants

It was a beautiful day as I write this article, but it is September and we know our frost-free days are numbered.

Gardening Tips: Never too early to get organized for winter

I know gardeners don't want to hear the 'W' word, but considering all the winter damage that showed up the last two springs, it's time to do some planning.

Gardening Tips: How to divide perennials

With every perennial garden, you will eventually have to divide your plants. Unlike trees and shrubs that grow taller each year, perennials grow by expanding the diameter of the clump.

Gardening Tips: September gardening tasks

Once September arrives, I always start my mental list of yard work to prepare for winter. Not that I'm really looking forward to snow, as autumn is a glorious season! It's just that fall can be so unpredictable.

Gardening Tips: Surround yourself with seasonal colour

Last week's advice on watering turned out to be a bit redundant. By the time the article was published, we had some good, soaking rain.

Gardening Tips: Help your lawn recover from a hot spell

After such a hot week, is your lawn looking as bedraggled as mine? We certainly haven't had the rain that we received last summer! Although we have enjoyed many 'beach days', the lawns and gardens are starting to suffer.

Gardening Tips: An answer to a gardening question

I have been asked for advice about when and how to transplant a shrub. As with many gardening tasks, timing is everything. Small trees and shrubs can be moved once they are dormant in mid fall or in early spring before new growth begins.

Gardening Tips: Water gardening in containers

A water feature is an irresistible attraction in any garden. There are styles and sizes of ponds to suit every gardener's taste. A small container pond may be the perfect solution for the person just beginning their venture into water gardening.