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Game On!

<b>Game On!</b> Dear 2016, ENOUGH Already. Part one

Game On! Dear 2016, ENOUGH Already. Part one

2016 has taken from us its share of visionaries, blazing talents, and trendsetters. No one had the global cultural impact of Muhammad Ali. Not one of them. It isn’t even close
<b>Game On!</b> That’s a Paddlin’

Game On! That’s a Paddlin’

Over the millennia, the kayak has evolved from purely a hunting vessel to a recreational craft as well
<b>Game On!</b> Fall sports preview

Game On! Fall sports preview

A look at some sporting pursuits that could potentially distract you from the frozen hellscape about to descend upon our lovely region
<b>Game On!</b> Summer Sports Review

Game On! Summer Sports Review

Some of us look on to the approaching autumnal spectre with the enthusiasm one might reserve for, say, a prostate exam…from a robot doctor…in front of a studio audience…in the rain…twice
<b>Game On!</b> The Ultimate Summer Sport

Game On! The Ultimate Summer Sport

Ultimate is one the fastest growing sports on the continent. It’s fast-paced, mixed-gender, non-contact game. If you watch or play football (either one) or basketball, then the concept and structure of Ultimate will be familiar to you
<b>Game On!</b> MMA and bullying

Game On! MMA and bullying

Area Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu clubs have created anti-bullying programs that combine the defensive techniques of Gracie BJJ with important lessons on communication and confidence
<b>Game On!</b> Hate winter? Try curling!

Game On! Hate winter? Try curling!

My disdain for the cursed, endless season of frostbitten misery comes not entirely from the fact that IT’S TOO (expletive deleted) COLD, but also because I no longer play winter sports
<b>Game On!</b> Let it roll

Game On! Let it roll

The game was known as Kegel in Germany, and thankfully evolved into bowling over here in North America. Meanwhile the name kegel was applied to something else entirely, and since this is a G rated column I’ll leave that one untouched
<b>Game On!</b>  The Game On Guide To Watching the Super Bowl

Game On! The Game On Guide To Watching the Super Bowl

Tim Wilcox brings us the comprehensive guide on how to watch the Super Bowl just in time for the big event (Panthers-vs-Broncos in Levis Stadium for Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, February 7)

Game On! Just don't ask me to dunk!

Last spring, Your Faithful Columnist attended an event in the quaint, bucolic, self-effacing community of Toronto. It was a high-octane blend of lasers, smoke, thumping beats, and the kind of noise only an amped up crowd of 19000-plus can provide.