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Sault Ste. Marie Wanted to Buy

3 or 4 place snowmobile trailer wanted

Looking to buy a 3 or 4 place enclosed trailer..deck over or v-nose inline..Must be of "all" aluminum construction. If " deck over " 101" wide. prefer 6' 6"wall (s)..not interested in clam type

12' Square Stern Canoe Wanted

looking to buy a 12' square stern canoe..prefer scott or grumman. Not interested in Sportspal Canoe(s) 705-943-5371

Combo Over Under Rifle/Shotgun Wanted

Looking for a combo rifle/ - 20 gauge with what you have..705-943-5371

Storage Totes Wanted

Looking for storage totes with lids... the heavier the better..705-943-5371

Vehicle Cell Phone Booster Wanted

Looking for a quality " vehicle cell phone booster". 705-943-5371

Aluminum Brake Wanted (Vanmark)

Looking for a aluminum brake for bending flat stock..pefer vanmark mark 2 trim master. However, shall consider all..705-943-5371
Screenshot_20181118-140152_Samsung Internet


Looking for a boom box for outpost cabin..must have a telescopic fm antenna..similar to the pic..705-943-5371.

Large Tool Cabinet Wanted

Looking for a large tool cabinet on casters..with or without upper tool chest..705-943-5371


To fit 2010

X-country ski boots

X-country ski boots, old style, 3 pin Size, men’s 12 Willing to pay a good price for good boots