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plummer wanted

i need a plummer if you are one or know how to do plumming please contact me

Looking a mechanic

I'm looking for someone to put on a pair or individual front struts on my vehicle.
Family Shot-Ball and Kerr Freezer Safe Jars_hires

Canning Jars

I've been canning and I've ended up needing more jars. If anyone is looking to get rid of some just call me at 705 253 5114. Thanks so much, Sandra.


Good morning everyone! {If anyone can help out with the following a.s.a.p that would be fantastic, and thanks to everyone in advanced! <3 :)) My request is for *Help* from any members is

Anyone have a single mattress/boxspring

I'm looking for a single mattress/boxspring, that is in good used condition, as my friend desparately needs to replace the queen size bed she has. I'm trying to set up having the old mattress and


looking for winter storage for a 1967 pontiac beaumont

Help with a snow tractor starter.

I need help finding a bad connection in the electrical of a tractor with a four cylinder diesel engine model 1980. The tractor is parked and can only be moved with the engine running. I’ll compensate

Looking for Old Toys! Paying Good $$$

Star Wars, Gi Joe, HeMan, Transformers, Thundercats, Ninja Turtles, all going to pay good cash for!!!