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Manager of Allied Health – Full Time

Sault Area Hospital

Company: Sault Area Hospital
Job Type: Permanent Full
Salary Range: $93,945.15- $115,550.57 annually
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Summary of Position:

Reporting directly to the Clinical Director, the Manager of Allied Health is directly accountable for the operations of the Allied Health Department, including the managing of human, financial and material resources to meet the inpatient and outpatient allied health needs of the hospital, ensuring high quality patient care and service, and promotion of excellent customer service. The Manager will model the iCcare values and iCcare Way along with Continuous Quality Improvement while utilizing evidence based leadership practices. The Manager provides operational leadership and support to the interdisciplinary team members in the provision of quality care to patient sand their families. All work is carries out in-line with the vision, mission, values and strategic priorities of the organization.

Job Duty - Management:
• Ensures adequate provision of allied health services to inpatient care areas according to human resource availability.
• Ensure integration and collaboration of allied health services to patient care areas to support patient trajectory through the healthcare system
• Ensure provision of outpatient rehabilitation services according to community and organizational needs.
• Schedules staff in collaboration with Workforce Planning to meet the needs of the department.
• Ensures department is operating in an environmentally friendly manner.
• Maximize allied health human resources and efficiencies to meet volumes in outpatient rehabilitation areas.
• Develops and implements short and long term decisions for own team.
• Develops Human Resource and operational plans that align and support department services and organizational strategic priorities.
• Develops, organizes, facilitates and monitors department orientation and on-going training activities; and provides corrective feedback.
• Develop departmental succession planning
• Ensures that required equipment/resources in department are available, in good repair and distributed appropriately across inpatient and outpatient service areas.
• Ensures all functions of payroll are completed as required.
• Maintains current knowledge of best practices and benchmarks relevant to the delivery of high quality services.
• Completes and manages department budget including the creation of operating and capital plans.
• Monitors and analyzes department metrics and trends and develops appropriate actions.
• Ensures that department policies, procedures, systems and accountability measures are in place.
• Responds to departmental client concerns and rounds with patients and families
• Makes resources available to support strategic initiatives, operational projects and process improvements.
• Identifies, champions and implements improvements/changes to delivery of services through collaboration with stakeholders using the principles of lean and change management.
• Actively pursue methods/strategies to continually improve efficiencies, quality of services, patient satisfaction and staff/patient safety.
• Develops and defines department objectives and goals in line with larger organizational goals.
• Uses data to identify and implement opportunities for improved service delivery, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
• Communicates regularly with clients to assess level of satisfaction with services provided and implements remedial actions as necessary within available resources.
• Accountable for managing employee absenteeism and minimizing over-time.
• Develop, manage and coordinate clinical programs
• Participates in the facilitation of student placements within the allied health program
• Ensures knowledge of collective agreements, adherence as required and ongoing collaboration with union partners to foster strong labour relations and positive relationships.

Job Duty - Supervision:
• Supports and role models a service culture and iCcare Values.
• Recruits skilled employees that are a good cultural fit.
• Gives people clear instructions, clarifies standards and expectations and ensures individuals understand their role responsibilities.
• Sets specific milestones for direct reports to measure progress toward targeted objectives.
• Gives corrective feedback in private when performance does not meet standards.
• Warns people about the consequences of continued sub-standard performance.
• Ensures the group or individual team members have the necessary information to do their job.
• Actively listens to and involves employees in the change process.
• Champions and establishes an inclusive, diverse and supportive environment.
• Leads, coaches, mentors and develops direct reports.
• Takes swift and appropriate action when performance of direct reports is not aligned with organizational values.
• Conducts performance reviews for direct reports.
• Manages conflict and facilitates resolution amongst front line staff.
• Supportively manage employee absenteeism
• Engages staff to create a positive working environment, including regular and ongoing communication.
• Manages performance concerns in collaboration with Human Resources, including the authority to implement verbal, written and suspension level disciplinary decisions with the support of Human Resources. Recommends and proceeds with termination with appropriate approvals. Reports all appropriate discipline to appropriate regulatory body.
• Ensures employees are following organizational policies, procedures and guidelines in the performance of their duties.
• Ensures that professional staff are in good standing with their professional college and that college guidelines are adhered to
• Coordinates the work of staff and ensures all work meets established quality standards.
• Functions as a professional role model demonstrating good interpersonal skills and a commitment to self-growth and development.
• Ensures that allied health staff are meeting leader expectations in patient areas being served
• Assist staff with navigation of daily operational challenges
• Supports staff inter-professional collaboration.

Job Duty - Collaboration:
• Participate in Quality and Governance Meetings
• Maintains regular communication and collaboration with other departments.
• Serves as allied health stakeholder as required for work taking place in other departments.
• Participate in quality improvement and other initiatives led by other departments when allied health teams play a role in the work
• Develop and maintain relationships with community partners including educational facilities with whom the organization has agreements related to students and student placements
• Work with the quality and risk department and senior leadership to review and address all incidents and minimize risk to hospital and patients
• Work with the patient relations department to address client concerns as required
• Provide collaborative clinic service with external partners as required
• Ensures integration with allied health and other organizational departments
• Liaise with physicians, heads of service and chiefs
• Leads meetings with allied health teams and rounds with team members
• Participate in collective bargaining and other communication with collective bargaining units as requested by human resource consultants

Staffing and Licensing Requirements:
• Bachelor’s Degree in related field and/or Professional Certification in related field.
• Current certification/licensing with appropriate regulating body in good standing, if applicable
• Previous supervisory or management experience
• Previous health care experience
• Experience working with collective bargaining units is an asset

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
• Ability to work effectively and efficiently as a team member in a fast paced environment in stressful situations.
• Ability to maintain successful working relationships with the interdisciplinary team to achieve positive outcomes.
• Ability to organize time effectively to perform the duties of the position.
• Demonstrates interpersonal sensitivity including empathy, sensitivity, and understanding of human and organizational behavior, motivational techniques and counseling skills.
• Experience in an interdisciplinary team or team environment including ability to provide guidance and supervise staff
• Ability to work independently, think creatively, take initiative and manage own time to perform the duties of the position.
• Displays strong initiative and can establish personal goals and take responsibility for meeting them within defined timeline.
• Demonstrated proficiency in a Microsoft environment.
• Proficiency in Meditech preferred.
• Knowledge of process analysis and improvement techniques and continuous quality improvement and control models.
• Behaviour consistent with Hospital Mission, Values and Standards of Performance.

POSTED: November 24, 2022 16:00 hours to December 1, 2022 16:00 hours

Sault Area Hospital is a respectful, caring, and inclusive workplace. We are committed to championing accessibility, diversity, equal opportunity and maintaining a barrier-free selection process for job applicants. Requests for accommodation can be made at any stage of the recruitment process providing the applicant has met the requirements for the open position. Applicants need to make their requirements known to the Human Resources department when contacted. All requests are handled confidentially.

This position is covered by a collective agreement. Applications from outside the bargaining unit are welcome, but can only be considered if the position is not filled from within the bargaining unit.

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