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Portable Restroom Vacuum Truck Operator

Company: Koprash Contracting
Job Type: Other

Koprash Contracting is currently accepting resumes for a position that will be opening Jan 2022.

We offer extremely competitive rates, group benefits package, and a great work environment!

The position we are looking to fill will start part time and work into full time as we progress with the right candidate. Your duties will include daily operations of our F550 vacuum truck. removing waste from portable restrooms and other units. Pressure washing and ensuring the cleanliness of units, and ensuring your truck is always neat and tidy.

The right candidate will have options to grow within our company and expand into other services as additional work.

DZ License although not required, would allow you to be more versatile and open doors for other trucking operations.

We look forward to working with you!

please send resumes to

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