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SALE!!! Jazzy Folding Power Chair (Weighs 43.6 lbs) $3,499.99

Jazzy Power Chair
SALE PRICE $3499.99 (Retail Price $3999.99)

You know Jazzy for its industry-leading performance and quality. Now let’s talk about portability. The Jazzy Carbon uses ultralight but exceptionally strong carbon fiber technology for its frame and a lightweight, reliable lithium-ion battery. Travelers keep their Jazzy Carbon charged and standing by for spontaneous jet-setting adventures. They know it breezes through airport security, easily stows on the plane and gives them the mobility support they need to make the most of their travels. Weighing in at a stunning 43.6 pounds (19.8 kg), the Jazzy Carbon still provides top speeds up to 6 km/h with a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

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