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EVIL DEAD - Live entertainment $38.00

Catch this cult-classic-turned-wacky-musical! Wed, Oct 27 - Sat, Oct 30

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Five college students go to an abandoned cabin in the woods, and accidentally unleash an evil force that turns them all into demons.

Evil Dead The Musical takes all the elements of the cult classic films, The Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness and combines them for one of the craziest, funniest, and bloodiest theatrical experiences of all time.

SIT IN THE "SPLASH ZONE". For an extra $5 per ticket, grab your seat in this part of the theatre to be splattered with zombie blood during the show. Plastic ponchos will be provided, but maybe don't wear your favourite shirt? Blood *should* be non-staining, but it may leave a small mark (and you MIGHT become a zombie...)

PARENTAL ADVISORY: strong language and violent content. Not recommended for those under 17.


Director – Marc Beaudette
Musical Director – Stephen Gagnon-Ruscio
Choreographers – Kaitlin Pelletier & Christina Trevisan

Rob Speers
Christina Speers
Megan Wigmore
Stephen Gagnon-Ruscio
Christina Johnson
Kara Colynuck
Mike Doherty
Steven Hewgill
John Dedes
Chuck Holgate

68 Dennis St