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Sault Ste. Marie Health and Beauty


10 reasons to get a facial at THE TEN SPOT®:

hands up, who wants glowing, radiant skin? thought so. a facial is the ultimate in affordable luxury that not only makes you look and feel better in the short term, but has lasting positive effects.

10 reasons to get laser at THE TEN SPOT®:

experience life on laser at THE TEN SPOT®! yep, that’s right. we’ve launched laser. 1) with as few as 4-8 treatments, you will never have to worry about hair again! 2) long time waxer? laser hair

one appointment: two services… are you intrigued?!

THE TEN SPOT® is keeping it smooth this february and bringing back one of our favourite classic promos, “the hotbox” special! book in for our famous brazilly® service (wax or laser) and we’ll top it

10 reasons to work for THE TEN SPOT®:

if you’re looking to nail your dream job as an esthetician, and you enjoy working in a fast-paced, trendy environment, you’re in the right place! we’re growing like crazy, so we’re often looking for