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give the gift that will make them say... "you NAILED it!"

we're taking away alllll the stress that comes with gift giving, wanna know why? cause we've got what everyone wants: to Feel Like A Ten! we've got a super stellar service menu (say that three times

a manicure isn't complete without "man" in it ;)

hey dudes!! ever wonder why the word MAN is in MANicure?! because guys are supposed to Feel Like A Ten too, duh! we're literally trademarked the antispa®, the most inclusive and gender neutral Beauty

give + you get!

*NEW PROMO ALERT* to kick off the holiday season, THE TEN SPOT is introducing, the x. days of giveaways! our first promo is a real special one-- because everyone will win! are you ready? we're gonna

get the look that will make everyone say “EyEnvy your lashes!”

time to shine the christmas lights on one of our hottest products at The Ten Spot… dun-dun da-daaaa EyEnvy! *cue epic superhero music* cause this baby is here to save your lashes + brows! EyEnvy

keep your skin merry + bright this season with dermalogica at The Ten Spot!

your BEST skin starts here, at The Ten Spot! wanna know why? because we carry dermalogica skincare products, duh! dermalogica has been an award winning skincare company for decades + is used in more