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Sault Ste. Marie Wanted to Buy

Scissor-jack pontoon trailer

Would like to borrow or rent a scissor-jack pontoon trailer to put my boat in the water. I am in Soo area and boat is at Batchewana on my camping site. I’m Phil, please call 705 542-7250.

1950's Truck

I'm looking for a 1950's truck in original, running condition. Thank you.

$CASH$ for clunkers

Get up to $500 cash for that old eyes soar plugging up your driveway. Make your wife and nieghburs happy. Call 971 1922

Willys Jeep

I'm looking for a Willys Jeep in original, running condition. Thank you.

Paying cash for unwanted vehicles

Call or text 7055425446

Cash for unwanted vehicles

Paying cash for scrap/unwanted vehicles text or call 7055425446


Lakeway auto is currently looking for your unwanted vehicles, from scrap to fixer uppers, trade in, trade up, trade down, sled for a truck, truck for a sled, we are ready to DEAL. PAYING UP TO $1500