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Lost drone, lonely in the cold

Hi friends...If anyone who walks along the tracks has found this brand new, beautifully crafted, self-built quadcopter, I'll pay you $100.00 (covid protocol has replaced the hugs with cash). I have my SRPAS basic flight operations certificate, and the quad's Transport Canada Registration Number is located on the side of the battery protection. I was flying at the vacant snow dump, clipped a tree and went down in the long grass or small woods west of the tracks, but my video went out at first contact, so momentum could have put it in quite a wide search area. I still haven't found it after much searching (it's not light out for very long after work as winter looms). The quad won't fly for you, as it's not something one can buy in a store, but I'll help you to build one and teach you to fly (non-auto-level a.k.a. full- acro) if you'd like, as well as pay the reward of course. I miss my new'd be amazed at what she can do :) I should post this in lost and found PETS as well, as it would be a great place to walk your dog :) :) or maybe i should have a hound sniff one of my other quads then let it loose in the search area :D

Caution: step on the quad and unplug the battery before handling, if it hasn't ejected...which it probably has, since there was only one battery strap on this one.

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