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Daniel Richard Favaro (Big Dan)

Dec 11th, 2018 marks 13 years of our father's passing.
Your missed daily still . I for one will never forget the day I was asked to do the driveway by you "DUDE COME GIMMY A HAND". I took my time with my makeup...
but I also remember the week prior to this day. You hugged me . I was shocked you were not the hugging kissing type . You were strong and loud and funny . But I stood there in shock . You had to wrap my arms around you haha now I feel no regret I feel you were just letting me know you loved me and it was all going to be okay.
You also were not much of a hand shakin cudos giving man unless it was very much felt. But You in the week prior also shook my brothers hand and said you were proud of him and he was a man. You told me things each day I don't think you told many . Coffee driving and the table talks ... hours of chatting we did and you loved the memories you captured in all your pictures. I took these albums out recently and showed your grandson Nygel. This was your Nono I said . He loved it and how each picture told some sort of story .
We will always miss you and feel like theirs something missing in each day , in each thing we do, and each accomplishment our children make . To have you here to meet your grandkids would be amazing .But your holding one , a little girl, Harley Quinn who I know is only safe how becasue she's with you . I See you in my brother so much . Maybe that's why I challenged him for years as I know I did you. lol to hear that stern voice etc each child needs a father ... some more than others. A little girl loves her father unconditionally without question and we never think of the day we'd have to say goodbye.
I don't get too sad anymore , but I do when I think of what about the day I get married , or what about each time I fall down my dad's not here like he was . I'll adjust maybe one day . But until then I miss you a lot and would give it all to sit at that table opening the same albums, talk I about those Same memories of you , your trips, your friends, and your wife and kids . You loved us very much ...
We love you back .
Until next time .. hugs kisses and we love you dad!
Your kids Danny and Melissa

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