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Fines anticipated for Bellevue Park anti-lockdown protest

Sault Ste. Marie Police Service also aware of potential plans for future protests
An advertisement on social media promoting weekly anti-lockdown protests at Bellevue Park.

Although last weekend's Stand for Freedom protest at Bellevue Park is still under investigation, Sault Ste. Marie Police Service anticipates that fines will eventually be issued as a result of the event. 

Police spokesperson Lincoln Louttit confirmed that the police service is also aware of plans of ongoing protests at Bellevue Park, after a social media post on a public Facebook group surfaced promoting ongoing weekly protests.         

“Yes, we are aware of potential plans for other protests, and we will investigate those accordingly,” said Louttit, speaking with SooToday Friday. “People need to be aware that if they are found to be organizing such an event, they could receive a minimum fine of $10,000, and if they attend, they can receive a minimum fine of $750.”

Last weekend's protest in Bellevue Park was attended by roughly 100 people, and took place despite warnings from both Sault Ste. Police Service and Algoma Public Health not to gather for the event.