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Flying boats, plants and beer bottles. Oh my! (17 photos)

There was much to do and see on the island on Saturday

On Saturday spring officially arrived at St. Joseph Island. Regardless of what the calendar says, Islanders know it's officially spring there when the St. Joseph Island Horticultural Society trots out its greenery to display at the annual plant sale.

This spring show was a long time coming following a pandemic-related hiatus.

Shoppers looking to enhance their flower beds, perennials or specific blooms converged in Richards Landing to check out what was offered.

Funds raised support planting and maintaining a number of flower beds in St. Joseph, Jocelyn and Hilton Township as well as Hilton Village.

Also on Saturday, boats were finally lifted off their cradles and put in the water at Hilton Beach Marina much to the relief of skippers and sailors who have been eagerly anticipating the opportunity to take to the water again.

Members of the St. Joseph Island Lions Club took advantage of the gathering to hold a fundraising bottle drive at the 17 East Trading Post. Funds raised are going towards the 50th anniversary festivities to be held in late June.

The steady flow of residents of all ages also had an opportunity to participate in a number of science-related demonstrations at the Richards Landing Cenotaph Park during the Great Northern Ontario Roadshow. Vendors from other organizations, such as the Kensington Conservancy, also had displays for the public.