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Pino (Currie)


On June 29, 2016 at 4:33 pm, Miss Miriam Rose Pino came crashing into the world and hasn't stopped since. Proud and ecstatic first-time parents are Nicholas Pino and Adrienne Currie. First granddaughter for Nick and Rose Pino and Mary Ann and Tom Cox as well as Grampa Dan Currie and Belinda of Ottawa. Adored niece of Patrick and Heather Pino, Justin and Serena Pino and Zia Jessica and Martin of Ottawa. Miri is doted on by her crew of cousins: Kyle, Jadon, James and Benjamin. Much thanks to the nurses of the maternity floor for all of your patience on such a busy day, and specifically Dr. Opryszcko, Dr. Lingurar, N.P. Juli Briglio and Dr. Gupta for the great care throughout pregnancy and delivery.