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Mikey’s done it again (and now he’s done his daily videos)

For his 100th quarantine video, Mikey Hawdon enlisted some of punk rock’s A-listers and one George Stroumboulopoulos

Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic began, Mikey Hawdon began creating videos of himself and his friends performing covers of songs that featured Hawdon on the ukulele as its centrepiece.

As the pandemic continued, Hawdon’s daily videos grew in complexity and quality, featuring more and more guests.

A month ago, Sootoday reported on Mikey Hawdon’s 60th video in his “Mikey and his Uke” video series, which featured Harry Waters Jr., an American actor and singer, best known for his portrayal of Marvin Berry in Back to the Future, joining Hawdon and friends playing Earth Angel.

Hawdon decided that 100 videos would be a good number to end his videos series.

Not one to go out with a whimper, the lead singer of the Fairmounts, enlisted a who’s who of the punk scene, friends, family and supporters to join him in the video cover of Pennywise’s “Bro Hymn”.

The cover of the punk rock classic includes contributions from members or former members of Anti-Flag, Pulley, Good Riddance, The Offspring, Goldfinger, No Big Deal, Pennywise, as well as George Stroumboulopoulos performing.

It also featured a number of other artists, friends, and family members, including Mikey’s greatest supporter, his mother.

In less than two days, the video has generated over twelve thousand views with no sign of slowing down. It is currently begun showing up on punk rock news sites.

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