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Hannah Lindsay’s first headlining show will be at The Loft

The local artist has been keeping busy since her 2020 EP, with a new single coming out Friday the 13th
Hannah Lindsay will be headlining a performance at the Algoma Conservatory of Music's The Loft on Saturday, February 4.

Local singer-songwriter Hannah Lindsay currently has no plans for a full album, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be hearing new music from her.

The singer released her first EP A New Road in 2020.

“After A New Road, I thought I was going to work towards putting out a full album but that’s not the case anymore,” says Lindsay.

“Life moves so quickly these days that I would rather put out as much music as I can, as fast as I can, rather than disappear on a writing and recording hiatus to put together a full album.”

In December 2022, the singer released a solo single called, The Water Runs Cold and made it available on streaming services.

Now, the countdown is on for Lindsay's latest single Why? which is being released on Friday, January 13.

“I wrote Why? during my final year of post-secondary studies while away at school in Ottawa,” says Lindsay, explaining that she began writing it when she started to see a relationship she held very dear fall apart.

“Completing this song was a long process. I continued piecing the song together through to the end and aftermath of that relationship. I used the song not only as my crutch, but also as my year-end, song-writing final. So it all paid off.”

The song was recorded by Dustin Jones at Mission Control Studios in Sault Ste. Marie.

“Once again Dustin helped make my art come to life,” says Lindsay.

“I sang leads, harmonies, played acoustic guitar, and drums, while Frank Deresti put his magic touch on the song by playing bass and electric guitar for the recording.”

To support the release of this new song, Lindsay will be performing her first headlining show at one of the city’s premiere venues, The Loft at Algoma’s Conservatory of Music.

“I am beyond excited for this event,” she says.

“With the help and support of some of the Sault’s finest musicians and my dear friends Shane Storozuk on bass, Jacob Quarrell on lead guitar, Anthony Marcello on drums, and Bradley Irwin on keys. Also joining as special guests are Frank Deresti and Josh Norling.”

Lindsay will also be premiering her first music video to accompany the new single at the event.

As a bonus, the opening act for the show will be a local duo comprised of Lindsay’s friends, Juliana Regan and Blair St. John.

“I’ve always admired how talented both Juliana Regan and Blair St. John are as individuals,” she says.

“When I heard that they had gotten together to play around town as a duo I thought, ‘wow, how smart of them’. I saw them performing at Ernie’s for the first time as their duo this past fall when the planning of my upcoming concert started, and I just thought how perfect of a fit to open the show. The two of them complement one another so beautifully with Juliana’s hauntingly gorgeous voice and Blair’s incredible musicianship.”

When asked if she was planning to utilize The Loft’s audio recording and video capturing capability, Lindsay lights up.

“Absolutely! How could I pass up the opportunity,” she says.

“I can’t say just yet, but I do have a little project in the works to do with the upcoming concert to use for future promotion and content.”

The singer notes that she also has a deeper, more personal connection to the venue.

“I was actually a graduate from Algoma’s music program, so I’ve spent a good amount of time in the Algoma Conservatory building. So much so that I got to hear The Loft being built on the top floor throughout my studies,” says Lindsay.

“Sadly, I graduated before I had the privilege to ever utilize the beautiful new space. So, I fully plan on getting as much use out of one night there as I can.”

And as for that follow-up album, although it is not in the singer’s books right now, it's not entirely off the table.

“I would definitely love to release a full album one day for sure, but for right now I feel like I have a good thing going with releasing singles and collaborating with other artists to incorporate video and photography and getting my name and face out there organizing and playing shows.”

Hannah Lindsay will be performing at Algoma Conservatory of Music’s The Loft (75 Huron Street) on Saturday, Feb. 4. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. and there will be a cash bar. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.

Follow Hannah Lindsay on Spotify to listen to her music or you can pre-save her upcoming single Why? here.

To find out more about Hannah Lindsay, visit her Facebook and Instagram pages.  


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