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Author publishes sequel to 'It’ll Be Fun'

Glen Cressman shares new story featuring more hijinks from the characters in his previous publication. But now, it is 15 years later

Retired millwright Glen Cressman, author of the recently published 'It’ll Be Fun,' He Said short story, is back with a sequel.

The Thessalon resident told SooToday earlier this year about his decision to begin writing.

Oftentimes, Cressman’s stories ideas would be developed after gathering with friends and trying “to solve the world’s problems” over a couple of drinks.”

Cressman became known amongst his friends for his ability to turn “an argument back into a discussion [by] adding humour and reason.”

The end result, ‘It’ll Be Fun,’ He Said, was a story where the protagonist convinces a friend to take a 10-day adventure with him hitchhiking across Northern Ontario using a whiteboard to convince drivers to give them rides.

Of course, hijinks ensue.  

Recently, Cressman decided to continue that tale.

“My second story The Wing is definitely a sequel to the first one,” says Cressman.

“It takes place 15 years after ‘It'll Be Fun,’ He Said and has the same characters on new adventures. The Wing has a slightly more serious theme to it. It has many humorous flashbacks but it also speaks to today's concerns regarding retirement and old folks' homes.”

Although Cressman published both stories online through Amazon for the world to read, it is really his community where he has received the most support.

“Jones Valumart in Thessalon has been very supportive and book sales there have been great,” he says.

“I've had several locals, who I've never met, tell me in person or by email, how much they've enjoyed the books. They basically say they are a fun read, believable and relatable. That makes my day. I have to order more copies to keep up locally.”

Cressman has also gained some traction in the Kitchener-Waterloo where he grew up.

The author recently rented a billboard along Highway 17 East to help promote his publications and direct people to where they can buy a copy of his stories.

He admits online sales so far have only been “okay.”

“What do I know what ‘okay’ is, I'm a retired millwright,” he laughs.

As for what’s next for Cressman, he is currently in the process of reworking his first story to be pitched for the big screen.

“At the present time I'm struggling to write a screenplay for ‘It'll Be Fun,' He Said,” says Cressman.

“A lot of my friends tell me it would make a fun, believable, feel-good movie.”

It'll Be Fun, He Said and The Wing are available in both print and e-book on

Print copies are also available at the Jones Valumart in Thessalon.

Cressman can also be contacted directly by email here.