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Dustin Jones is back with a new Jonesy Land single and video

Jones is planning for a busy 2023, with a series of singer/songwriter original songs and a house concert tour

Jonesy Land’s latest single Ain’t Dead Yet is everything you would want or expect from a Dustin Jones-related project: catchy, fast-paced, fun, with a side dish of introspection.

“I wrote it early on in the pandemic,” says Jones.

“I think the song reflects a place where so many of us got to eventually. The ‘Hey, this isn’t going away so I better start living my life again’.”

Jones says the pandemic showed him how 'fragile' our society is.

“It also shows how those leading and governing us really don’t have a proper structure in place to manage us in times of crisis. We are more on our own than we thought.”

But rather than focusing on the negative, Jones wrote a feel-good song that is uplifting.

“Gotta live it up while you can,” he laughs.

The song also solidifies the Jonesy Land moniker.

“I had a friend of mine in the business ask me the other day, ‘Is this your final name?’,” says Jones.

“They told me, ‘You are scattered under all these names on streaming platforms.’ Being the dinosaur that I am, I was unaware this is not good.”

So Jonesy Land will be the “final resting place” for Dustin Jones songs from here on out.

“It gives me a place to write and release the soundtrack for the rest of my life. Any genre, with any friends/artists I choose,” he says.

This time around, joining Jones in Jonesy Land [try saying that three times quickly] is well-loved local artist Frank Deresti on bass and Darrin Pfeiffer [Goldfinger, The Salads, and Sum 41) on drums.

“They helped me bring the song to life. That is what one would call ‘a solid rhythm section’.”

Jones says the moniker is freeing for him and will allow him to tackle any genre or format of music in the future.  

Ain’t Dead Yet will be the last song in this vain for a bit, as I have been writing all these singer-songwriter-type songs in preparation for a house concert tour next summer with a couple other established friends in the industry.”

Jones says he has the itch to get out there on the road again.

“This seems like the safest, best way to ease back into it after eight years.”

“I’m looking forward to getting those songs out into the ether as well. 2023 is going to be a busy year.”

For now, Jones is focusing on promoting the new single.

The storyline of the accompanying video for Ain’t Dead Yet shows three versions of Dustin Jones existing simultaneously in a Westfalia on a road trip [Think Alanis Morissette’s classic “Ironic” video].

The first Dustin in the back seat of the van is young, wild and reckless. A more mature Dustin sits in the passenger seat. Lastly, a mature and confident Dustin, living his best life now, drives the vehicle forward.

The video concept and direction were provided by director Michael Cauduro.

“I have known Michael for 25 years probably,” says Jones.  

“He’s got that magic mind and eye for visuals. Guys like him are always framing shots in their heads all day long and constantly writing storyboards in their minds. They are a different breed of human.”

Jones notes that he and Cauduro had a mutual respect for each other’s art and decided to work together on the video.

“He’s a real go-getter,” noting that the director runs film company Captivate Images, and a clothing line Stoked Monkey (with fellow Saultite Tyson Mount) that is set to launch in November.

“He’s moving, shaking, and creating,” says Jones.

“I’m stoked about this new single and video. I’m stoked about this next batch of upcoming songs and I’m stoked to get back on the road in 2023. I guess you could say I’m a Stoked Monkey too!”

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