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ONTARIO: Don't fall for this fake job scam

Police say legitimate employers will never ask for funds back
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The OPP are warning about a job scam making its way across the province. 

According to police, scammers are using online classified job websites or unsolicited email campaigns to recruit potential victims. 

The jobs being offered are 'financial agent' or 'client manager' and they require their victims to be payment processors for the suspect company. 

Those involved will send wire transfers, cheques or e-transfers to the victim asking for a portion of the money to be send to a company in Eastern Europe, using Western Union, MoneyGram or Bitcoin. 

Police were alerted when a Kemptville woman had applied to a job posting through a job search site. She was reportedly 'hired' by the fake company and sent a cheque for $3,800. 

Her 'boss' asked for her to transfer $3,000 using Bitcoin and she then could keep $800 as a payment. 

Days later, the woman was told by her bank that the cheque was fake and she now owed them $3,000. 

In an effort to protect the public, police listed some warning signs: 

If you receive funds for any reason from an unknown individual or company and you are asked to forward it elsewhere - DON'T!  Chances are you are dealing with a scammer.

Be aware of offers of employment from what appears to be a legitimate employer; they will place ads looking for a "Financial Officer." This usually involves collecting payments for the new employer and forwarding the money to a different country.

Be mindful where you post your resume; scammers use legitimate websites to seek out victims.

A legitimate employer will never send funds and request a portion of it back.

Do your research. A simple search on the internet can save you thousands of dollars.

Beware of unsolicited text messages offering employment.

- OttawaMatters/Rogers Media