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Posted by: Oreo cookie on 6/4/2014 12:02:15 AM

Rod Fremln isn't a professional politician or feckless left wing educator with no understanding of the PRIVATE SECTOR. People not employed in the Private sector or dependent on social programs shouldn't even be permitted to vote let alone run for political office. Many of these people are concerned with one thing from their elected officials, "what will you do for me" and "how much money do I get". People should pay as much attention to economics and politics as they do a meaninglessness hockey game or gay marriage. An honest politician will promise to do everything in his power to remove the barriers to prosperity and economic advancement and nothing more, a healthy economy will look after the people far better than a BIG GOVERNMENT that preaches providence and social justice...ostensibly concerned for the welfare of the righteously indignant and the unwashed masses. Orazietti and Ross know nothing about Private Sector business other than the fact that it's a cow to be milked and then slaughtered. Hey how's that global warming hoax working out for you? $500.00 a month for hydro so a phony sooth sayer like david suzuki can get more useless wind and solar energy funding. The phony liberals want more of our money and the ndp want to confiscate it all.

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