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Posted by: drifter on 6/2/2014 4:08:09 PM

“you should move the bears were here first.”

“if you live in the north beware of bears don't complain
about them or move back to your native country.”

I could respond to this by pointing out that the rats, mice and cockroaches were here first as well; and we all know what happens to them should they invade an area occupied by humans.

I could respond in the above manner, but I won't because both responses are incredibly short sighted and altogether irrelevant. We have been here as species long enough to state claim as any animal would.

What is this love affair with bears? Someone please explain it to me. We're not taking about Winnie the Pooh here or your teddy bear from formative years.

Why do I not see animal rights groups respond with the same passion to the plight of other hunted animals?

Can someone please tell me what other predators would control the bear population if not for humans.

As the father I think it's a tremendous victory for the north in reintroducing the spring bear hunt.

Its hard enough for kids these days being displaced and transported by bus to ever dwindling schools. Or having to play indoors or be constantly chaperoned from all the weirdo's, let alone have to constantly look over their shoulder for animal predators, this goes for (coyotes and foxes as well).

That's not the childhood I remember. Ah Yes, I also don't recall any bears or any mention of bears. I had never seen a bear in what seemed to be endless days of contented play - even in wooded areas and in 13 years of walking to and from grade school and high school. hmm!, Think the bear population is out of control???????????

Maybe we should live in straw huts suspended by hot air balloons? Oh, pardon me, that territory belongs to the birds, and as we all know, they were here first...

Nunavut hit it right on head -- we have as much right to be here, if not more. Unfortunately were dealing with a lethal omnivore who would look at a child as a tasty meal. If the bleak reality dictates that the numbers must decrease, than so be it.

Don't bother to quote stats, I'm not a gambling man, but I am into safety and prevention...

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