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Posted by: lindaloo250 on 6/2/2014 6:58:07 AM

I live in the east end, for the last 9 years and have nothing to do with PUC. I will tell you our water SUCKS. Ever since they changed what ever water purifications they do, the water has tasted gross. several times, to many to count the water runs brown. I've had to reorder work shirts due to the brown water staining my white work shirts. there's times there is so much chlorine in the water, your better off going to a local swim pool and drinking out of there, cuz it taste better. PUC had to have this big new building to keep there papers in and are charging all of us to pay for it. what a crock of crap... where is the common sense in people anymore. fix the water mains, and vital stuff first, then build your buildings. I live in a house that's 50 years old.. do I rebuild cuz it's old, or fix it to maintain.??? really people smarten up

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