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Posted by: MYPOINT on 6/1/2014 9:49:02 PM

In response to those who think 'age' has anything to do with driving. Age has absolutely NOTHING to do with how a person drives per se. Although it is true that older drivers do sometimes cause you a tiny inconvenience because they actually obey speed limits, are conscious of the fact that they are a bit older than some and therefore their reflexes are not as quick as they used to be so they try to keep some space between them and the vehicle in front of them and a variety of other safe driving habits.

We all know that drinking and driving is done by many people of different ages so to use age as an excuse is totally missing the point altogether. The fact that the guy was drinking and driving IS the point that should be underscored.

It is also quite legal to use ANY kind of device ( hands free or not ) to inform the police of an imminent danger to others when you observe an obviously impaired person behind the wheel of a vehicle driving down the road.

Personally, I am just glad that nobody was hurt by this drunk driver. I give KUDO's to the citizen who reported this crime in progress.

As always, your views may differ :)

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