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Posted by: kamen on 1/24/2013 11:21:04 AM

We need to remove invasive plants and insects. A couple years ago while I was watching the Canada day fireworks on the pier I heard a weird noise behind me at the little locked up building, and when I turned around, on the door of the building not a foot behind my head was a huge bug, bigger than my palm if I recall, no exageration I can handle insects but to turn around and see this thing:

staring me in the face, it scared the sh..outta me...I jumped up and I crushed it with my foot, pushing it in the river....needless to say I don't sit there for the fireworks anymore... After I had killed it...and threw it in the river...I realized I should have caught it somehow and brough it to the university to find out what it was...I did research of my own and that link is pretty much what it looked like....I will never forget the way that bug looked....I know it isn't native to Sault Ste. Marie though...never seen one before that or after that...wish I would have kept it though...

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