OPP distances itself from Police Association political position

Monday, June 02, 2014   by: Staff



Today, the Ontario Provincial Police Association (OPPA) announced that they were launching a partisan election advertisement campaign. 

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) wants to make it clear to the public that it does not, in any way, support this OPPA campaign.

As part of the greater Ontario government, the OPP does not participate in or offer any opinions or positions regarding elections and politics.     

The advertisements related to the current provincial election were produced and paid for by OPPA and are not in any way supported by the Ontario Provincial Police. 

As such, their opinions are not those of the OPP.

The OPP has no opinion or position on the current election, the political parties involved or any of their party leaders.

The OPPA is an independent association which does not report to, and is not controlled by, the Ontario Provincial Police.