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Orazietti wins again (updated, 4 photos)

Thursday, June 12, 2014   by: Staff

"It's an honour and a privilege and I'm humbled to have the opportunity to continue to serve as the city's provincial member of parliament," Liberal David Orazietti told, after he was re-elected as Sault Ste. Marie MPP in the Ontario provincial election held Thursday.

Premier Kathleen Wynne's Liberals were re-elected, this time with a majority government, defeating Tim Hudak's Progressive Conservatives and Andrea Horwath's NDP.

Locally, according to Elections Ontario numbers available Thursday night, Orazietti raked in 58.5 percent of the vote, with a total of 17,490 votes with all 168 of the riding's polls reporting.

NDP challenger Celia Ross pulled in 7,611 votes for a 25.5 percent share of the riding, while PC candidate Rod Fremlin came in third with 3,703 votes and 12.4 percent of the vote.

Green candidate Kara Flannigan grabbed three percent of the vote with 965 votes and Austin Williams, of the Libertarian Party, pulled in .4 percent of the vote with 115 votes.

"We've made huge investments in this community year after year and I think many Sault residents recognized that, and I want to thank them for that, and I really appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve," Orazietti said.

Orazietti was first elected Liberal MPP for the Sault when the Liberals came to power in Ontario in 2003, and was re-elected in 2007 and 2011.

Orazietti, who was appointed Minister of Natural Resources in 2013, added many local voters he spoke to in this campaign thought the NDP plunged Ontario into a costly and unnecessary election campaign.

Wynne pulled the plug on her own minority government when Andrea Horwath announced her NDP would not support the Liberal 2014 budget.

As national media numbers came in showing the Liberals on their way to re-election province-wide, Orazietti said getting the Liberal government's budget passed will be the first order of business.

"I'm ready to get back to work at Queen's Park," Orazietti said.

This was the second attempt by Ross to unseat Orazietti, having ran against the Liberal MPP in 2011.

"I have a very, very good feeling about this campaign…I can't explain the result, but we had a superb team," Ross told her supporters before heading to Orazietti's office to concede.

"We had terrific support from the unions, wonderful support after knocking on doors, we had positive support from the media…we should have won, however we did not win, which simply means we have to keep on working."

"We had a platform that I was very proud to represent…affordability, accountability and jobs," Ross said.

Ross told supporters the local NDP riding association must work hard to get a New Democrat elected in the 2015 federal election.   

Ross, an Algoma University professor of French literature (and former Algoma University president), told reporters later outside Orazietti's campaign headquarters "I will work for the betterment of the community and certainly with the NDP we will continue to meet as a riding association, we hope to have workshops and involve the community in what we're doing, and prepare for the next election."

Ross wished Orazietti well in dealing with issues pertaining to Sault Ste. Marie.

Progressive Conservative candidate Rod Fremlin said he enjoyed his first attempt at running for public office.

He told he hoped for a quicker start if or when he runs again. 

Fremlin often spoke out in his own way in thiså campaign, not always quoting the party line. 

Fremlin told us he felt one thing PC leader Tim Hudak should have done was to make it clearer as to which 100,000 civil servants, and where, would have lost their jobs had he been elected premier (one of Hudak's more controversial campaign pledges).

However, Fremlin said he agreed that some "unproductive" civil service workers should have been cut had Hudak formed a government, adding that the government needs to "cut the waste."

The results are in (preliminarily at least) and Liberal incumbent David Orazietti is back for another term.

According to Elections Ontario numbers available tonight, Orazietti raked in 58.5 percent of the vote, with a total of 17,490 votes with all 168 of the riding's polls reporting.

NDP challenger Celia Ross pulled in 7,611 votes for a 25.5 percent share of the riding, while PC candidate Rod Fremlin came in third with 3,703 votes and 12.4 percent of the vote.

Green candidate Kara Flannigan grabbed three percent of the vote with 965 votes and Austin Williams, of the Libertarian Party, pulled in .4 percent of the vote with 115 votes.

If you missed our live coverage, you can still look back at our LIVE Election Results Page where we provided comprehensive coverage of the Sault Riding for the 2014 provincial election.


(PHOTO: David Orazietti poses with family and campaign team members following his election win tonight. Taylor) 


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SuperiorGuy 6/12/2014 3:54:08 PM Report

Any context available for Advance poll numbers? More or fewer than last election? What does that suggest? Any declined ballots? Do those staffing polls know what to do if a voter chooses to decline their ballot?
ontorajoe 6/12/2014 5:30:56 PM Report

It’s strange how up to today’s election non of our want to be elected candidates or press picked up on issues concerning our northern campers and sportsmen. The Whitman Dam Road is in shambles. Many traditional Access roads have been closed to the general Ontario Public. I guess us voters don’t need to be listened to.
Joe Schmidt
Big Deal 6/12/2014 8:23:52 PM Report

Who gives a $h!T who won....they are ALL a bunch of criminals, every last one of them!!! There wasn't even a remotely fair or reasonable candidate on the card to choose from, only KNOWN and PROVEN liars and cheaters!!! What a complete joke our government is!!! The BIGGEST legalized street gang I've ever seen in my life!!!
ThinkAgain 6/12/2014 9:30:38 PM Report

@Big Deal 6/12/2014 8:23:52

I agree with you 100%

Its a 3 Ring Circus, too many clowns & expensive to operate
soorez1 6/12/2014 9:43:29 PM Report

I thought this was supposed to be live coverage not repeats of the debate!!!
Gentleman 6/12/2014 10:08:17 PM Report

Hudak sunk the boat
Right of Centre 6/12/2014 10:17:35 PM Report

Wow. Just wow.

Ontario's most corrupt government ever has a majority.

Prepare to bow before your masters...the corrupt Liberal party, and the tax-sucking public unions.

They and their friends are the and I are the Have Nots.

I hope those Liberal voters enjoyed sending credit cards with their children's and grandchildren's names on them to the masters to use for kicks...
Sam C 6/12/2014 10:22:07 PM Report

Right of Centre... not true! Leave the past in the past. The McGuinty government certainly fell off the tracks, but Wynne was beginning to make changes, and now has a clear mandate to continue with those changes.
Sam C 6/12/2014 10:23:38 PM Report

...and, the NDP would have sucked the embossed letters off your credit card while it was still in your pocket.

The Conservatives -- well, Hudak doesn't seem to even be living on the same planet as the rest of us.
dadal 6/12/2014 10:33:14 PM Report

If Hudak had shut his mouth about cutting jobs and just said he had a plan to create jobs, he might have pulled it off. But 100 thousand people and their families didn't like the idea of being unemployed.

I agree that Wunne was CLEANING UP the Dalton mess. Yes she was in his cabinet but if you watch politics you know if you are "in" and you speak out against your leader, you get kicked to the ground. Wynne was smart to wait and dance for Dalton then take over and fix everything
Prrrrrrr 6/12/2014 10:37:54 PM Report

Alberta is looking good....
petertodd 6/12/2014 10:38:45 PM Report

Liberal Majority??? way to go Ontarians for voting back in a party that's corrupt and gets absolutely nothing done...expect higher taxes and cuts to social programs (namely those on disability that need the money)...take from the poor to give to the rich...they didn't deserve to be re-elected let alone given a clean slate and the ability to ram any policy they want down our throats without opposition...WAY TO GO!!!
SPOCK-62 6/12/2014 10:40:53 PM Report

To the people who didn't go and vote and those that voted Liberal: : "Ya Jast gat phacked!"
Gurpy 6/12/2014 10:45:36 PM Report

You would like AB. I lived there years ago. The people are awesome! The jobs are plentiful. Do it! You won`t regret it! I`m looking at another province to call home. This one is done!
guestwho 6/12/2014 10:48:28 PM Report

So now I can answer my phone and not have to listen to BS,how long before the excuses start for not delivering the BS
guestwho 6/12/2014 10:50:29 PM Report

Oh ya,they`re in,so there will be no more contact!!
JellyFisch 6/12/2014 10:51:57 PM Report

You do know that to have a majority government, that party has to have 51% or more of the seats held in provincial parliament?

Majority government means being able to do what you'd like because no one can contest you even half way.
JellyFisch 6/12/2014 10:53:27 PM Report

Our LOCAL MPP has won 58 % of the votes while Kathleen Wynn's provincial government won only 37% of the seats.
Right of Centre 6/12/2014 10:55:47 PM Report

Sam C 6/12/2014 10:22:07 PMReport

"Right of Centre... not true! Leave the past in the past. The McGuinty government certainly fell off the tracks, but Wynne was beginning to make changes, and now has a clear mandate to continue with those changes."

Sam C, thanks, but no thanks.

Time for me to go Galt.
wildbill_1 6/12/2014 11:02:21 PM Report

thats it I give up, miss you soooooooo much Jack Layton. tonight was my last ever vote!
Me myself and I 6/12/2014 11:03:33 PM Report

Too bad Sootoday couldn't post the results for the outlying area,
IgnorantNortherner 6/12/2014 11:07:04 PM Report

Sam C and dadal, I wish I could view the world as you two do for, like, five minutes as I've always wondered what it feels like to be batshit crazy and totally off your rocker.

IgnorantNortherner 6/12/2014 11:14:00 PM Report

RightofCentre, not sure if you're serious or joking but if you do you will not regret it for a second.

You'll be amazed how much fun you're having opting out in ways you never imagined and while your wife might have a hard time at first, she'll eventually dive right in and show you a side of herself you didn't know existed.

(This is assuming you're a guy and married, as few women joke about going galt lol)

Myself after a year of getting serious, I feel like I've still got a long ways to go (for example, probably only growing about 50-60% of my food this year [up from ~10% yr before] for four of us and that'll drop to 20% at best this winter) but I'm loving every minute of it!

Experienced 6/12/2014 11:22:59 PM Report

Congratulations to David Orazietti and the Liberal Party. The people of Ontario have spoken. Hopefully, now the vulgar and hateful comments on this site will cease. I'm assuming that the people making these comments have never held public office of any kind at any level of government and have never contributed anything to society. They have no idea the sacrifices that people make, regardless of their political persuasion ,who offer their services for the public good. To the person that made the bigoted comment, on a previous day, regarding Mr. Orazietti being of Italian heritage; obviously, more than just Italians voted for him.
Right of Centre 6/12/2014 11:23:35 PM Report


I AM the wife. :D

It's either going Galt, or going west, which is complicated with an older family.
Koolaid 6/12/2014 11:24:58 PM Report

Why would a leader of a party ( PC) say that he is going to cut One Hundred thousand jobs just before an election? Ask yourself that question, and then he resigns right after the election? Maybe this was to persuade voters against voting PC and to vote Liberal? Giving the liberals a majority..
IgnorantNortherner 6/12/2014 11:37:36 PM Report

Fair enough, RoC! Very cool. Stay put and do it as long as you've got a bit of space. Prince township or goulais if not, maybe.

@Experienced "I'm assuming that the people making these comments have never held public office of any kind at any level of government and have never contributed anything to society."

Then I'm going to assume you enjoy suckling the gov't teat for a living, since you're in the mood for crazy assumptions.
retalynnguay 6/13/2014 12:00:41 AM Report

osirisptah 6/13/2014 12:04:16 AM Report

One thing that I think is there should be a law governing all politicians stating that they should be held legally and personally responsible for their actions. If you go and tank the economy and don't fulfill 80 percent of campaign promises then they should have to pay up, do time and forfeit all pension from that position. Until there is an actual accountability to these parties we will always see corruption. Obviously we don't care that much about corruption as the liberals are back.
OH IT'S ME AGAIN 6/13/2014 12:13:07 AM Report

Ontario Liberal majority. Gotta love it.
Celia Ross, in this game two strikes and you're out.
asp 6/13/2014 12:54:57 AM Report

So sad because nothing will get done again !!!! Poor Sault Ste Marie, still no jobs. Well those that voted for him will see!! But maybe he will learn from his past mistakes and improve things let's cross our fingers.
JellyFisch 6/13/2014 2:36:35 AM Report

Ah! Stop saying the Liberals are now a majority government! They aren't!!!!!!!
JellyFisch 6/13/2014 2:39:19 AM Report

Or perhaps they do. I read incorrectly and was wrong. Congrats Liberals!
Justin Tetreault 6/13/2014 3:20:46 AM Report

We won. Hahahahahahahahaahaha. Enjoy the next 4 years suckers.
samDtoolman 6/13/2014 4:07:45 AM Report

So sad because nothing will get done again. People just wait may be he will change and bring the cost of living down not
samDtoolman 6/13/2014 4:21:50 AM Report

4 years of nuttin way to go sault ste.marie nuttin again
dadal 6/13/2014 5:44:16 AM Report

Jelly you are wrong. 54 seats set the majority and the Liberals took 58-9 away from the PC.

Hudak did the right thing and stepped down. His second attempt at taking the Province and failed. Howarth also should have stepped down since she forced the election and gained nothing.

IgnorantNortherner, I take no offence being called batshit crazy by you. Onlt the insane see everyone else as a the crazy ones.

Since the North including Sudbury did NOT vote Liberal, I hope Wynne sees what we did and starts rewarding our city with not just the OLG office.
Roudan 6/13/2014 6:16:51 AM Report

Who the hell cares not like anything is gonna be drastically changing,I'll still live my life day to day while most of you sit on here and complain and not do something about the problems you speak of.
michelledshaw 6/13/2014 6:24:42 AM Report

Well I can see this city STILL isn't ready for change. It is sad indeed, and if you look at the track record for the past and NOW current elected official the Sault has not grown and if you need proof just go down town or down any business area and see how many of those places are empty.

We need growth and this election could have had it.
speed7 6/13/2014 6:30:31 AM Report

i just dont see how hudaks plan to go in with sharpened up bullhorns and firing everyone would help ontario at all! Because he was squarely aimed at teachers first! Im very happy ontario made the right decision. He can go blow it! Very weak of him to not step down. already breaking promises he madefrom the debate.How can anyone trust this lame excuse of a public servant with no chsaracter! Ill never vote hudak! never!
MYPOINT 6/13/2014 6:34:11 AM Report

Congratulations to David Orazietti on the win last night. Although my own personal choice did not get elected this time around, I find that it is best to accept the loss and move on.

Thank you to Ms Ross and Mr Fremlin and the other candidates for putting their names forward.

As always, your views may differ :)
Me Myself an I 6/13/2014 6:39:21 AM Report

@JellyFisch we have a multi party system, it is very rare for one party to get 50%+1 of the total votes in a system like this.

If you want to live somewhere where the leader of the Government has gotten over 50% of the votes, then move to the US as they only have a two party system
dadal 6/13/2014 6:40:45 AM Report

michelledshaw - this city has actually changed politically. This was always an NDP city when we had Tony Martin and elected NDP even if the Province went Liberal or PC. Last few years we realized our ONLY chance of getting ANYTHING is to vote with the majority party. Fremlins' third place reflected the Province view of the PC platform. NDP came second because many many old time residence still support NDP.

I've said this once and will again. EVEN if the PC HAD won and we voted in Fremlin, the PC do NOT see ANYPLACE above Sudbury. Never have and never will. All we would have received as a reward would have been Gov job losses when we can't afford them. That is NOT saying Wynne or Howarth would do anything for us-again we don't matter. Federal PC's give Fed jobs to Sudbury. We were lucky that the Liberals gave us the OLG office and have kept it here!

All we can do is wait and see if Wynne rewards us for re electing David O.
Hmmm 6/13/2014 6:50:40 AM Report

Congratulations to David Orazietti, and Ontario's first elected female premier, Kathleen Wynne, on their respective wins. Perhaps the soundness of those wins, through our collective voices and ballots, will allow the Liberals to run the city and province as they see fit. In four more years we will once again have an opportunity to present them with our individual report cards.
mosquitos 6/13/2014 6:58:28 AM Report

Be prepared for:

-more hydro rate increases
-more wind turbines
-Liberals paying off the public sector unions
-credit downgrade for the province
-$300-billion debt and spiralling
-business leaving the province
-more job losses
-no balanced budget in 3-years
-payroll tax for an Ontario retirement fund
-gas tax hikes
-carbon tax
-burying the truth under a majority government

This province will be Greece in less than 4-years. The makers will leave and the takers will make sure the cupboard is bare. Don't be surprised if this affects ESSAR. Just saying.
dadal 6/13/2014 6:59:46 AM Report

JellyFisch I just saw the numbers you were trying to figure out. Liberals won 38 percent of the VOTES. But if a city of 1,000 votes 500 for libs, 300 for PC and 200 for NDP then the Libs won BUT only a small percentage of votes. that's why Provinces are decided by seats not votes.

In fact George W bush won his second term NOT with the popular vote but by the seats those votes took.
dadal 6/13/2014 7:02:33 AM Report

mosquitos if Hudak had actually given us an outline then POSSIBLY he would have been elected. The Province didn't want the risk of more job losses when we need people working. All he had to do was prove to voters where these 1 mil jobs would come from and what areas teh 10 thousand cuts would affect and people would be fine. He came across as just offering words without substance.

When in fear people will stay with what they know. And that is what Ontario did.
freedom1 6/13/2014 7:09:02 AM Report

Don't hate the player, hate the game. When 38% of popular vote means 100% power then something is wrong. We need a new system. People would rather vote in a corrupt $3 billion dollar scandal party then have a CONservative government. That show how scared people are of the CONservatives. It would be nice to have a system where we vote for the candidate we like instead of voting against the one we don't like. The liberals owe us $3 billion dollars to the tax payers.
Gurpy 6/13/2014 7:09:12 AM Report

You are bang on! There will be much more added to your list! This province is done! There won`t be a recovery not after everything that`s been done and all that is about to be done!
ya....right 6/13/2014 7:11:24 AM Report

There was nothing better than thinking of how all of the IDIOT minority on here yesterday were all arrogant saying bye bye to David and Wynne. I look forward to seeing a lot more of "Flash Bulb Dave" as you all him. He can be in the news EVERY day, why...because he brings $$$$ to the Sault unlike Hayes, and other previously elected officials. As for Wynne, she inherited the scandals and did her don't think Tim WhoDat? and Horvath are completely clean do you....they all have dirt on their hands. AND every one of those gas plant ridings voted LIBERAL....flame away haters, in the end the Libs blew you guys out of the water, and the to political embarassments: Tim WhoDat? had to resign and Horvath lost every stitch of power and control she had.....let's she the control she has now.....Bahahahahahahahahahaha....HATERS!!!!! gotta love them
Gurpy 6/13/2014 7:16:34 AM Report

Isn`t it a bit early in the day to be smoking??? Must be some powerful stuff you got there!
KDawg 6/13/2014 7:22:14 AM Report

I agree with you mosquitos.

Unfortunately the average voter is unable to comprehend the larger economic realities in this province.

Where's the vaseline?
Hmmm 6/13/2014 7:29:36 AM Report

With 58,565 eligible voters and only 29,884, or 51.02%, of those voters casting their ballot, Sault Ste. Marie was rewarded with the results it chose. David Orazietti received over 58% of all votes cast, which is an overwhelming majority, and soundly puts to rest any remote speculation that the Sault wanted to see change. The other parties, and their respective local candidates, just didn’t have enough formative ideas or plans to compel voters to either get out to vote or change their minds. If any of the non-voters didn’t receive the results they were hoping for, they have no one else to blame. You will have an opportunity to once again voice your opinion in four more years.
Sammy1099 6/13/2014 7:32:24 AM Report

None of these politicians speak for the majority. They get 51% percent of ballots when only 50% of eligible voters, vote. That means they actually only represent about 25% of the people. This Country and province is being run by a few special interest groups and the vocal minority for a long time now.

I think they deliberately use tactics and policies that will disgust most people, so as to encourage low turn outs at the polls. That strategy makes for cheaper and easier campaigning. They don’t even bother trying to win more supporters anymore, they just concentrate on getting the hardcore supporters out to the polls.

This Country needs a new party at the provincial and federal level that will actually cater to the real majority.
Me Myself an I 6/13/2014 7:38:53 AM Report


So I guess wage freezes, cuts to sick time, cuts to benefits, cuts to retirement benefits, less job security and more contracting out work is your idea of "paying off the Unions"?

Gurpy 6/13/2014 7:40:56 AM Report

Best thing to do after last nights election results.
scottstewy123 6/13/2014 7:43:23 AM Report

To those that voted liberial I have one thing to say. You better not complain when your hydro bill goes up 42 percent. NOT ONE WORD.
Gurpy 6/13/2014 7:50:20 AM Report

To those who did vote Liberal.....past behavior ALWAYS determines FUTURE behavior and you just handed over all of your rights! Do enjoy!
borj 6/13/2014 8:10:25 AM Report

Sam C... The fiberals will do the same thing...they have absolutely buried this province in debt so far it is beyond return..Lets use the whole hydro/green energy sitiuation to start...why do they build all these hydro dams and solar farms for power only to have to pay someone else to take our excess power? Is that not poor planning by the liberals? I thought you would sell your resources....
sweetthing 6/13/2014 8:15:23 AM Report

With the liberals in for another 4 years this city will be a ghost town they will suck every cent they can from us and more things we don't need one example is the gas plant how much money they wasted they can live great with their hands in our pockets its bad enough look at our roads problems because we were cut for money to fix them how sad that they got back in but the voters who voted for them must have a lot of money like the liberals four more years of HELL with them in power get ready for a SCREW form them all how stupid are the voters that voted them in hope they have enough to live on for 4 years
Entity 6/13/2014 8:16:02 AM Report

"Justin Tetreault:

We won. Hahahahahahahahaahaha. Enjoy the next 4 years suckers."


Just a piece of advice Justin: Since you're in the picture with David, you clearly have political ambitions. When David is done with politics, and decides to let you run, you'll have to be careful that comments like those don't come back to haunt you.
irishfey 6/13/2014 8:19:37 AM Report

Morning folks... Well all is said and done so no use complaining, no one is there to listen anyway. Congrats David O....I have one thing to say to you though... If you cut folks Disability and raise the hydro etc.... I hope you have a BIG LAWN, so these folks can pitch a tent and grow a garden on it. You do have outside electric plug ins and a water hose, no??.. All we need is a warm home, food on the table, good water ( not brown ) good Healthcare and a few $$ to get us through.. Think you can manage that??.. If not,, then.. Welcome neighbour :)
sweetthing 6/13/2014 8:21:53 AM Report

Justin your the sucker and they will suck every dollar they can from you good luck for the next 4 years you might not be bragging long they will take from you as well
MrBusDriver 6/13/2014 8:29:32 AM Report

I agree Sam C

And to all those who didnt bother voting... When you give up your right to vote, you also give up your right to complain about how things are. You let other people make a decision for you. If you don't like how things are, get off your lazy ass and go vote when there's an election.

Thank God the Liberals got a majority!!! Now Premier Wynne can finish cleaning up from Dalton without interference from the torries. And thank God the torries didnt get in... All they know how to do is slash and burn and give fake math to cover up. 1 man keeping a job for 8 years counts as 8 jobs eh Mr Hudak? Nice. Anyone remember the last tiem NDP was in power? Bob Rae got elected Buffalo Businessman Of The Year for all the jobs he sent south of the border
rebel469 6/13/2014 8:32:36 AM Report

I didn't vote Liberal, now I have the right to complain about anything that goes wrong for the next 4 years. Hope everyone enjoys just giving away their money and getting nothing in return.
irishfey 6/13/2014 8:35:44 AM Report

Congrats Mr. Fremlin.. You gave it a good try ( Ross too )... Mr. Fremlin.. You have had a lot of people addressing your honesty and values,, that is something you should be proud of and even for taking the time to run in this election.
Lovethenorth 6/13/2014 8:46:56 AM Report

Bravo, Ontarians for rejected American-style conservative negatism.

If Hudak has gotten elected and indeed cut 100,000 public sector jobs (although I have no clue where that number came from given there are only 65,000 people who work for the Ontario Public Service), the Sault's share of the cuts would've been 1,400 jobs. Imagine that. 1400 good jobs gone from the Sault. That would've been devastating. Do you REALLY think that anything Hudak would've done to "create jobs" would've brought a huge amount of new jobs to the Sault?? Not bloody likely....He's all about pandering to the Rob-Ford-loving crowd in southern Ontario. He couldn't even be bothered to show up at the northern debate!
IgnorantNortherner 6/13/2014 8:51:51 AM Report

Great idea: now that the Liberals can do whatever they want they should give anyone that wants one a public service job! Unemployment will be next to zero and the economy will be saved and the Liberals will finally get the credit they deserve!

mosquitos 6/13/2014 8:57:31 AM Report

Hi Me, Myself and I:

Eventually wage freezes, cuts to sick time, cuts to benefits, cuts to retirement benefits, less job security and more contracting out will happen; OR taxes to balance the books, take your pick?

At least try and live within your means.
ThinkAgain 6/13/2014 9:13:19 AM Report

Now you can say: there are alot of stupid people
Me myself and I 6/13/2014 9:22:26 AM Report

Mosquitos-----I never said anything on here except and I will repeat-----

Twist Of Fate 6/13/2014 9:36:49 AM Report

not sure where you got the 65000 public service employee's number from but the real number is somewhere around 1.3 million
horseguy001 6/13/2014 9:39:23 AM Report

Hey Carmen??? Where is your other hand??? Pattin O.s butt
GoHoundsGo 6/13/2014 9:44:20 AM Report

Yesterday, I told you all that I would sleep well knowing I made the honorable and ethical vote...and I did. To all those who voted Liberal...remember you reap what you sow. If political ethics mean nothing to you then I guess it doesn't bother you that we as tax payers will pay for the liberal scandles, mismanagement, and spending for decades to come. And please don't tell me it was just McGuinty and its in the past. We'll see what comes out in the investigation and if any heads roll. I better not hear one damn liberal voter bitch about anything this gov't does., and with a majority gov't and no opposition to keep them in check...ohhh boy, its gonna be a wild 4 yrs.

Sad day for Ontario !
GoHoundsGo 6/13/2014 9:48:36 AM Report

But I guess as long as the Dave O gets everything he can for the Sault, to hell with the rest of Ontario, our staggering debt, endless scandles and on and on and on and on.
horseguy001 6/13/2014 9:50:55 AM Report

You all voted but at the end of the day nothing in our lives will change. They get there golden pension and great wage but nothing will ever change except for the worse. We are not a free country. Never have never will be. If you don't believe me, stop paying your tax and you will see who owns your land. So do what I do. DO NOT VOTE. it changes nothing in our lives. I live my life, work my job,let them asses take what they think is there's and I get on with my life. Did you ever wonder what would happen if no one showed up to vote?
Lovethenorth 6/13/2014 10:18:21 AM Report

Horseguy, your outlook on Canada is incredibly depressing and jaded. You think Canada is so awful, try Myanmar, or North Korea, or Haiti, or Saudi Arabia. We are incredibly blessed to live in one of the greatest nations on Earth, with a relatively healthy economy, a healthcare system that is the envy of the rest of the world, no war, very little gun violence, free public education available to all, and a relatively clean and healthy environment. Do we pay taxes? Yeah...I understand taxes are REALLY LOW in Haiti. Go live there for a while and get some perspective!
horseguy001 6/13/2014 10:26:10 AM Report

@ Lovethenorth
I served 25 in the Canadian Forces so don't tell me about the rest of the world moron. The education and things you speak of are not Free. They are a product of our taxes and only a small potion. Nothing is free you idiot. we all pay for it and its an allocation of a small portion of our tax money. Lets do a test. A first class constable makes 85000 a year, What the hell does a cop do for that wage????? why do soldiers make a fraction of that? wake up you disillusioned clown and educate yourself before you vote again.
kamen 6/13/2014 10:32:41 AM Report

I actually find it hard to believe that they won with about 10,000 more vote than everyone else....that is bull...
All Is Well 6/13/2014 10:36:49 AM Report

All the complainers and whiners should get together and form a new party. Then you can tell the electorate how stupid, senile, and crazy they are. How your party knows everything about everything without really knowing anything. How you would destroy all machines and computers. Think of all the jobs that would be created, though the price of shovels and sledgehammers would go up. Then if the electorate doesn't like that, you can publicly insult, demean, swear at, and curse them all. I can certainly see where that party could rise to the top and be Ontario's savior.
Jack Ford 6/13/2014 10:43:08 AM Report

Well the Left Coast is looking more conservative than Ontario.....put on your helmets and buckle up! Maybe a new pair of rubber boots are in order to wade through the next 4 years of manure.

Gurpy 6/13/2014 10:45:55 AM Report

I wasn`t going to waste my time doing this but, I changed my mind!
David O, you`ve let a lot of people down, not your party but YOU!
A few days ago I gave odsp (the other WELFARE) a letter of GOODBYE and KISS MY A**!
The party you willingly represent is hell bent on causing as much harm as humanly possible!
Not long ago Katherine Wynne wanted to ELIMINATE odsp. Last year it was the special diets and I could go on and on.
You know who I am. I lost the ultimate to this system and will no longer allow myself to be victimized over & over again!
So, just to recap, The BALL and CHAIN were returned to the local odsp office and ow office.
I want no part of a government that DELIBERATELY causes harm to individuals who are in need!
This system took it`s very last jab at me last week! It was then that I realized that if I continued to trust after all the damage, I would be a FOOL!
I don`t have money, have a college education only and I do not rub shoulders with the "upper crust".In layman`s terms, I do NOT kiss butt!!
I did the best I could with what was available and no, my life did not turn out as I planned!
From the bottom of my heart I want you to know that I would rather live on the streets than to be a part of the corruption of this province!
The price for needing help went way too high!
I guess my prayer for you would be for a new heart and for your eyes to be open. To use the position you`ve been given wisely knowing that someday you will answer for what you did and did not do,(not to the voters either). You`ve been given another chance(not by me) use it wisely!
You should be thanking God today. He gives second chances, sometimes third and fourth. I don`t!
All the best to you in your "new chance". When you`re not sure what to do, look up and ask! He will answer, unless of course He`s as pi**ed off at you as I am!
Remember, you`ve been given another chance use it WISELY!
flyhawk25 6/13/2014 10:52:43 AM Report you spent 25 years in the service and made lousy money but someone else is a 'clown'?
Just Curious 6/13/2014 11:00:05 AM Report

Gurpy, why don't you tell us what you really think??? When are you moving, dear, as I remember you said something about that if the Liberals got back in?? It didn't matter who got in, we the lowly, are screwed anyway..:).
horseguy001 6/13/2014 11:09:37 AM Report

Did I say I made bad money? I reached a rank where I made way more than a cop. If you can read you would see I meant a first class officer makes way more than there military equivalent. Cops are not wroth the money they make nor are the politicians. What I am saying is nothing will ever change no matter who is in office. The only sure thing is taxes will go up. So why cry about things we have no control over? No matter who runs this country you can be sure nothing will change. Why do you think other countries get fed up and rebel? Wake up people....your beating a dead horse ( so to speak)
Idiot Sootoday Commenters 6/13/2014 11:25:55 AM Report

Everyone is making me laugh. Calling everyone ELSE stupid for voting Liberal? Come on. Your party lost, give it a rest. Here's an idea: try being positive instead of sitting at your computer begging for more articles to go up for you to comment on.
Oreo cookie 6/13/2014 11:49:54 AM Report

The people will get exactly what they deserve.
Winston Churchill said it best "if you're under 30 and don't vote liberal you have no heart, if you're over 30 and don't vote Conservative you have no brain".
This liberal socialist win shows just how many people in Ontario are dependent on government welfare. Now there's going to be even less jobs.
This is now an unhealthy dichotomy. The only way to protest liberal socialism is for people in the Private sector to refuse donations to all charities, that will send a message that we Conservatives are seriously fed up with reckless progressives and that we demand a fiscally responsible government.
Anyone dependent on government for their income should not be permitted to vote...military and Private sector pensioners excluded.
Sam C 6/13/2014 11:51:29 AM Report

horseguy... after spending most of Tuesday watching the funeral of the three Mounties in Moncton, I would say Cops are worth every penny they are paid.
little jerry 6/13/2014 12:03:32 PM Report

Thank you NDP for voting down the budget and creating this election! Liberal majority - I love it!
Just Curious 6/13/2014 12:53:37 PM Report

Question for Sootoday; how is it that we have lost posters for say idiot on here and now we have a poster with that as part of his name?? In a derogatory manner too, I might add....
Asuna 6/13/2014 1:06:47 PM Report

Well at least it wasnt the conservatives
GrammaDingbat54 6/13/2014 1:14:22 PM Report

BOOOOO! HISSSSSSSS!!!! Didn't vote Liberal, never have and never will. We're screwed.
Justin Tetreault 6/13/2014 1:27:57 PM Report

It just goes to show how in the minority all the commenters are on SooToday. It's probably all the same guy in his mom's basement.

Frio 6/13/2014 1:58:56 PM Report

Orazietti received twice the number of votes over the other 2 major party candidates combined. Both losing candidates gave him credit for having the major support of the voters and moved on with their lives. Too bad so many of the Soo Today commenters couldn't do the same.
wandering 6/13/2014 2:14:34 PM Report

so gladdddddddddddddd i dint vote
wandering 6/13/2014 2:14:35 PM Report

so gladdddddddddddddd i dint vote
wandering 6/13/2014 2:14:35 PM Report

so gladdddddddddddddd i dint vote
osirisptah 6/13/2014 2:42:23 PM Report

@ wandering -
So glad you didn't vote? So glad that almost 11400 people died and million or more who fought in WW1/2 to protect your right to vote? If there is one thing I hate hearing is that "I'm not going to vote because of 'insert bullshit reason here'" You should vote no mater what even if you decide to decline your ballot at the polling station. To not vote is to snub your nose at the democracy that many paid the ultimate price to protect.
Lovethenorth 6/13/2014 3:08:58 PM Report

Whenever someone starts calling someone else a name, you can be sure it's because they lost the argument.
Justin Tetreault 6/13/2014 5:56:15 PM Report

Hopefully Celia Loss gets the point this time and sticks to academia.
I'm In 6/13/2014 6:11:27 PM Report

I didn't vote Liberal, so I will have a right to complain when the provincial sales tax goes to 9%, hydro rates increase, pay more for health care, provincial driver licence/plate stickers cost increase, water rates and any other thing this provincial government wants me to pay user fees on while I don't get a pay raise because they are my employer and they are going to freeze OPS wages for the next 3 years + the last two. And don' say I am lucky to have a job because I worked for it.
Tom_Bom 6/13/2014 7:24:37 PM Report

Oh god. How long until I get to try and vote him out again...
flyhawk25 6/13/2014 9:10:10 PM Report

And then who will you vote for?
Jimssm 6/13/2014 9:54:13 PM Report

Oreo Cookie...

You didn't even vote.

Why are you commenting ??????
Frio 6/13/2014 9:55:42 PM Report

@ I'm In..
What an OPS brain dead whiner. "I will have a right to complain when the provincial sales tax goes to 9%, hydro rates increase, pay more for health care, provincial driver licence/plate stickers cost increase, water rates and any other thing this provincial government wants me to pay user fees on while I don't get a pay raise because they are my employer." Your take home pay is being subsidized from the very taxes and fees you are complaining about paying..The taxes and fees you complain about paying are actually being paid for you by all the other taxpayers of Ontario who contribute to you paycheck. If you think you are so persecuted by paying to support you own job, then quit and get a private sector job because I don't want my tax money supported people like you.
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