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Mike says enough is enough!

Friday, June 06, 2014   by: Staff



Northern Ontario devastated under Liberal government

NDP Candidate Michael Mantha remains proud of his accomplishments for families in Algoma-Manitoulin despite the Liberal candidate’s desperate attacks and political games.

Mantha who has been running a positive campaign based on his proven track record of delivering real results for Northern families says he’s disappointed by the poor taste shown by the liberals yet again.

“For 8 years Northern Ontario families have suffered under the Liberal government” Mantha said.

“The Liberals track record for Northern Ontario speaks for itself. They’ve slashed the MNR budget, closed 10 Provincial Parks, cancelled the Bear Wise Program, cancelled the Jr. Ranger program, sold the ONTC putting northerners out of work, privatized our winter road maintenance causing dangerous conditions and sold our crown lands to the highest bidder. They have sat by and watched as industry and investment has up and left the province taking our jobs with them” Mantha asserted.

“Under the Liberals life has become more difficult for Northern Families. Our hydro bills are skyrocketing, we get gouged at the gas pumps, auto insurance rates continue to raise, all while CEOs get handed bonuses. The Liberals voted against my Bill to remove HST off home hydro bills and both the Liberals and Conservative voted against my Bill requiring resources mined in Ontario to be refined in Ontario. My bill would have created thousands of jobs not only at mine sites, but in refining and manufacturing sites across the province.

"This Liberal government has wasted taxpayer’s dollars on scandals like eHealth, Ornge Air Ambulance, Gas Plants and watered down Chemo Drugs. Liberals have made no compelling case for the proposed refurbishments at Darlington and Bruce and no one trusts they can do the job right. Northerners have seen Liberals make big promises before, but time and again we see those same promises fall through. That’s the Liberal record."

“I’m proud of what I have done for families in Algoma-Manitoulin. Since being elected I’ve overseen more than $30 million in investments for economic development projects. I have worked with industry to re-open vacant mills in Wawa and White River to generate good jobs in the forestry sector. We secured funding to continue the Chi-Cheemaun ferry service to assist tourism and protect jobs on Manitoulin Island. I successfully acquired much needed funds for hospitals and long-term care facilities in addition to dollars for infrastructure and road improvements across Northern Ontario."

"I will continue to stand up for families in Algoma-Manitoulin, and only New Democrats can be trusted to respect the North and make life more affordable for Northern families.” Mantha stated.


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steelworker 6/6/2014 1:26:37 PM Report

Thank you Mike for propping up the Libs for so long.
eadiecougs 6/6/2014 1:41:24 PM Report

when your household budget is a mess your have to cut out things u may not like.when u blow 1 billion dollars on a failed gas plant you should go to jail.The liberals are toast .we need direction and a spending freeze period
dirtybeard 6/6/2014 1:46:16 PM Report

"Mantha who has been running a positive campaign based on..."

And then proceeds to bad mouth the liberals.
Twist Of Fate 6/6/2014 1:46:27 PM Report

Sadly I think we are in for more Liberal "spend our way out of debt" government. Here come the tax hikes.
Oreo cookie 6/6/2014 2:00:49 PM Report

NDP...New Desperate Proletariat.
What a coincidence that the party colour is that of the fascist's "National Socialist Worker's Party" 1933 to 1945. Nothing's changed in fact the ndp still support the anti Semites to the point where they'll stand on the battle lines with terrorists in the middle east.
Thim 6/6/2014 2:29:35 PM Report

Mike, you are aware of MNR Personnel acquiring public lands under suspicious circumstances, with some issuing themselves (co-workers) lic of operation to run commercial activities on these said lands.

You are fully aware that the Deputy Minister OK'd this activity that is in violation to the Public Lands Act and the Public Services of Ontario Act.

You are aware of the signs, gates and barriers to public access on lakes used by outfitters. Most of whom are not even Canadian citizens.

You are aware of illegal activities that necessitate an enquiry but you have done absolutely nothing.

Mike you do not deserve another term

Tom Brason
Koolaid 6/6/2014 2:52:59 PM Report

We need a new Party all three of these parties are no good!! But we have no choice but to pick one. They are all the same. We live in a capitalist country, where we are being ran by corporations, just admit it, unless we open our eyes !!
............... 6/6/2014 2:53:17 PM Report

Thim; I believe Mike is scared of the MNR; I contacted him about MY moose tags that I lost from my business after the program manager having me fill out paper work, somehow things changed, suspiciously. I do agree he does'nt deserve another term. His saying is 'respect the north' he has done anything but that when it comes to helping Northern Ontario Businesses.
Javaman 6/6/2014 3:23:41 PM Report

Sorry and many other NDPers will be ousted since your glorious leader propped up those same Liberals you now find so awful.
coop604 6/6/2014 3:46:53 PM Report

Funny thing - we have heard nothing - positive or negative from our Liberal or Conservative candidates. However we know we have heard of many constituents who have tried to contact our elected MPP - that would be you, Mike - and got absolutely no response or the response is "well we can't do much because we are not the party in power"....sort of makes you wonder why we should re-elect you Mike.
ThinkAgain 6/6/2014 3:49:41 PM Report


I agree with you 110%
Thim 6/6/2014 5:07:17 PM Report

koolaid, would you like to be run by a socialist country, even more socialist than Canada where you don't have a choice, they build your cars like they run your eduction and health system?
RonBes 6/6/2014 5:12:41 PM Report

Oreo, you're on something if you think there's anything anti-semitic about the NDP. One of the previous candidates for the Sault, and a prominent NDP party organizer is, in fact quite Jewish.

So, how about you keep your fear-mongering slander to yourself.
All Is Well 6/6/2014 7:22:02 PM Report

Mike, are you serious? Part of your statements are about programs initiated by the Liberal government and those programs also had additional monies put into them in the last budget. It allowed Northern Ontario companies to access funds for numerous reasons. Didn't some of the municipalities, in your riding, work directly with the government for funding? Overseeing, I doubt. I thought your thing was lay low and stand at picket lines.(Side note: even though you are in opposition you are still part of the government, if you didn't know.) You have voted no on just about everything brought forth since you were elected. Yes, it's the other parties that are throwing the mud. Ya, right. I guess desperate times brings desperate measures.
All Is Well 6/6/2014 7:25:56 PM Report

I could be wrong, but isn't the Bear Wise Program still running in Ontario? I don't remember reading anywhere that it was suspended.
All Is Well 6/6/2014 7:33:15 PM Report

Auto mobile rates have dropped, on average 6%, and will be dropping further. Mike, you should ask some of your fellow NDP MPP's if their car insurance is now cheaper, but you already know that answer. It has dropped.
Oreo cookie 6/6/2014 7:54:35 PM Report

Hey time. Tony Martin and Svend Robinson support the PLO in fact Robinson went to the front lines to stand with the terrorists. Too bad he didn't have the guts to be who/what he really is because had the muslim jihadists known they would've beheaded him. Phony progressive.
Smarten up will you?
And to all of the anti corporation crowd...who do you think keeps the economy going? If you want socialism move to Russia or Cuba...I want CONSERVATIVE CAPITALISM
steelworker 6/6/2014 8:31:29 PM Report

Svend did manage to steal a nice ring for his significant other though.
RonBes 6/6/2014 9:21:57 PM Report

Once again Oreo, you are being a needlessly fear-mongering alarmist. And I will direct your attention to local NDP member Jeff Arbus. He ran here an election or two ago and is Jewish. He's an educated man and wouldn't support a group if they were antisemitic as you claim.

Being against Jewish apartheid doesn't make an anti Semite. Questioning Israeli policy doesn't either. Not does supporting Palestinian human rights.
Oreo cookie 6/6/2014 11:53:47 PM Report

JEWISH APARTHEID??? Obviously you took the term from John the failed administration he so poorly represents, useless appeaser.
It's obvious you support women and children being used as human shields and it's definite that you're in favour of F.G.M., now let's mention the NDP support for SHARIA LAW in you can't wait to witness the public stoning of women?
Next lesson will be on the definition of KOOLAID DRINKER...which there are many of.
The warped ideology of the New Desperate Proletariat is the single greatest threat to Canada, second is the liberal party. With socialism the powerful become wealthy...with CAPITALISM the wealthy can become powerful...get it?
FYI Jewish is not a race it's a cultural belief system. Jews and Arabs are historically the same breed with the only difference being Jews believe in the free will of humanity where the Arabs believe in enslavement and barbarism...with the full support of the ignorant, apathetic left wing lunatics that make up an insignificant portion of Western Culture.
Socialism enslaves people by virtue of welfare and government dependency, Capitalism promotes self worth and liberates people by their own means of self sufficiency.
Keep sipping your KOOLAID.
eadiecougs 6/7/2014 1:02:52 AM Report

anybody votes liberal has their heads up thier %$**&(
Number One Son 6/7/2014 3:14:19 AM Report

Oreo cookie, .... you are a nut case personified. You must have gotten your education from comic books and porn mags, ..... I doubt you can read beyond those levels of intelligence.
I'm In 6/7/2014 8:07:51 AM Report

Hey Oreo cookie: Who gave you free health care that the Liberals and the P/C's are slowing eroding? So quit bashing the NDP and start reading your Canadian History books. I hope the next Provincial government makes all you NDP Bashers pay for full health care.
Muadib 6/7/2014 10:19:32 AM Report

There's nothing anti-Semitic about supporting the political goals of Palestinian Arabs for the simple reason that Arabic-speakers are, by definition, Semitic. The term "Semitic" refers to a language group including Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, and other, mostly dead, languages. Seeing the word used incorrectly more often than not gets almost as tiresome as derogatory references to Islamic culture by people who obviously have never studied the subject.
irishfey 6/7/2014 10:24:03 AM Report

Oreo.. Sorry chum but the Jewish people are a "race".. Do your homework please.....
Muadib 6/7/2014 11:40:27 AM Report

Irishfey, the Jewish people have never been a separate race. Try reading something on the subject other than white supremacist trash.
RonBes 6/7/2014 3:19:57 PM Report

Looks like a bunch of level heads beat me to it. It's ironic that Oreo would accuse me of drinking the kool aid, when reality is that we all drink kool aid and it becomes a matter of which flavour we prefer.

I prefer mine Orange social-justice flavoured.

Your assertion that it has anything to do with Nazis is ludicrous in the extreme. Further, your connection of socialism with making powerful people wealthy and capitalism with making powerful people wealthy is a very simplistic and fallacious claim.

Obviously, I won't change your mind, and you won't change mine. I think you're wrong and you think I'm wrong. The end.

Tim Hudak can paint this province in tory (should be renamed neocon) blue and I still will not relent; in fact I'll fight back all the harder.

See you at the polls, and eventually in the streets in protest, if it comes to that.
Oreo cookie 6/7/2014 7:33:29 PM Report

Hey Irish fly...Polish Jew, Ukrainian Jew, Austrian Jew, Ethiopian Jew etc., get it? Jewish is not a RACE. The level of ignorance on this forum is embarrassing. No wonder the ndp has support here in the North...I'll stop right there.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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