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William gets real hot and bothered. Many charges ensue

Sunday, June 01, 2014   by: Staff
19-year-old William Elie of Queen St. East is in custody facing several charges after police were called to a dispute on Wellington Street 9:35 p.m. 
Elie [allegedly] attended the apartment of a person known to him and  threatened to burn down the residence. 
The accused left and returned a short time later with a gas can. 
The accused began dumping gas on the floor and stairs and said he was going to burn the victim. 
The accused then attended the bottom of the stairs and lit the gas on fire. 
The victim managed to put out the fire with a bucket of water. 
The accused then told the victim if they called the Police he was going to come back and set them on fire while they were sleeping. 
Elie has been charge with one count of arson, possession of an incendiary material for the purpose of committing arson, uttering threats (3 counts), breach of the conditions of a recognizance (3 counts) for a curfew violation, drinking violation and interfering with the victim as well as a breach of a probation order. 
He will be in Weekend and Statutory Holiday (WASH) court this morning.  
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black and grey 6/1/2014 11:26:38 AM Report

IRONICAL MAN 6/1/2014 11:34:47 AM Report

it is such a shame to see our city's most scholarly gentlemen smeared in the press. william holds 3 ph.ds and just returned from a geology conference, for example.
he goes and commits one little murderous arson and here we are judging him.
All Is Well 6/1/2014 11:46:14 AM Report

Can you re-write this news article? He attended the bottom of the stairs? He told the victim that if they called.....? Is that one victim or more? Three counts of uttering might have us believe there is more than one. I'm just wondering.
grammarpolice 6/1/2014 12:04:07 PM Report

how does a 19 year old have 3 PHDs.....
Gurpy 6/1/2014 12:16:08 PM Report

Ironical Man
"Gentlemen" do not carry on like that. According to you, he is academically smart but, socially STUPID!
Entity 6/1/2014 12:20:42 PM Report

Water won't put out a gas fire, so something doesn't add up.
JellyFisch 6/1/2014 12:21:12 PM Report

The time it takes to get only one philosophical doctorate is a long time. 4 years of undergrad studies, 2-3 years to obtain a master's degree. Then another 2-3 years for a Ph.D. 10 years total. That might even be a minimum. Not to mention all of these degree's require a thesis to advance to the next stage. A thesis which requires extensive research and is very time consuming.

If you're telling me he finished his Ph.D. Along with his high school and elementary school since age 9, then he did not have time to commit this senseless act.
I'm In 6/1/2014 12:22:19 PM Report

grammarpolice right on, very impossible to have 3 PHD's at 19 years of age unless he was Einstein, I think IRONICAL MAN was sniffing the gasoline William had in his possession. W.A.S.H Court will only release him on his own recognizance to do it again.
Corr 6/1/2014 12:26:37 PM Report

IRONICAL MAN is being a smart ass, this loser ain't got no PHD, check him out on facebook, loser's got all his shit on public and can't even put a sentence together, this is a status from him

"i am that guy who will walk up to you if you have a problem with me and ask you how its gunna be dealt with the ima take you in to the dark ally and ill walk out who cares what happened to you"

I say put this animal's fire out before he explodes on a savage rampage.
IRONICAL MAN 6/1/2014 1:02:26 PM Report

lol, no, no, really, this 19 year old is a multiple doctorate! trust me on this one!
Frio 6/1/2014 2:04:01 PM Report

Not PHD which was as a joke, but the disorder abbreviations associated with people with mental health issues who are frequently in conflict with the law such as ADHD, (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) and ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) would apply.
Lostclause 6/1/2014 2:46:13 PM Report

This guy has one hot temper!
Frio 6/1/2014 3:04:17 PM Report

The way the story reads the person being burned out and threaten with death would have been justified in shooting his attacker dead in self defence the moment he started the gas on fire.
Killer_Spawn 6/1/2014 3:31:29 PM Report

@I'm In

people normally don't get released at WASH court... in fact I doubt anyone ever has. it's just a show so that the police have the rights to put them up at NTRC until bail court on Monday. Not to mention with any breach of recog or probation, you are more than likely to be sentenced to time before being considered for release (he might get to do his time on weekends if he has a job/is lucky)
Vmax-4 6/1/2014 3:52:13 PM Report

@all Is Well

What's wrong with; "he attended the bottom of the stairs".

By using the term "they" for the victim, no gender is identified.

I read 3 counts of threatening in the article;
1- "threatened to burn down the residence"
2- "said he was going to burn the victim"
3 - "come back and set them on fire"

Hunter101 6/1/2014 6:33:10 PM Report

What a moron this guy is.
young guy 6/1/2014 6:49:33 PM Report

ironical man,

It's obviously a waste of time responding to you....
Market 6/2/2014 11:53:45 AM Report

Get him into a mental facility now! I scoped out his facebook page and although I myself do not have a doctorate (pfft), I do however feel it's safe to say that he needs some serious help. That "kid" is anything but smart.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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