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Levi allegedly tipsy on an e-bike. Charges ensue

Saturday, May 31, 2014   by: Staff


On May 31 city police responded to a public complaint regarding a male double riding on an e-bike driving erratically near the LCBO on Bay Street. 
The traffic unit spotted the male and female passenger on the e-bike riding around the mall out onto St Mary’s River Drive.
They were observed going through the stop sign without slowing down.
The man was pulled over where it was discovered he had been consuming alcohol.
A subsequent roadside test led to the man being arrested for consuming over the legal limit when the unit registered a fail.
Charged with consuming over the legal limit is Levi Hachey (age 55) of James Street.
He will be appearing in court on June 30 at 9 a.m..
(Editor's note: The photo above depicts neither Levi Hachey nor an e-bike but we thought readers would appreciate this photo of a thirsty man skilled in the operation of a bicycle.)
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dirk 5/31/2014 10:42:37 PM Report

is this an impaired charge....
or a drunk on an fn e- bike...
if this mishap doesn't raise an eyebrow, I'm buyin' one of these law defying out, drunk, stoned, uninsured e-bike rider in yer rear view mirror....!!!
oh, did I mention Im not insured
dirk 5/31/2014 10:46:51 PM Report

is this an impaired charge....
or a drunk on an fn e- bike...
if this mishap doesn't raise an eyebrow, I'm buyin' one of these law defying out, drunk, stoned, uninsured e-bike rider in yer rear view mirror....!!!
oh, did I mention Im not insured !!!
thank god you are......just in case I run into you....WTF ??
eadiecougs 5/31/2014 10:54:50 PM Report

dirk u can get charged even on a reg bike I think they will soon have to get a licence to ride one of these things another tax grab for sure.
Sam C 5/31/2014 11:16:25 PM Report

I would applaud a change requiring e-bike drivers to have a license. Part of the problem is that people who have had their license suspended can hop on one of these and bop along in traffic.

Was approaching one yesterday on Wellington, a guy riding with a passenger, that changed lanes in front of me without signalling (mechanical or hand signal), then stopped in the left lane to wait to make a left turn -- again, without signalling.

Saw another today on Northern turning in to Metro... No mirrors, no signal lights, pieces missing. Not sure if he wrecked it or if he just lives in a bad neighborhood. But if I drove a car that looked like this bike I'd get pulled-over.
Rules of the road apply to EVERYONE, license or not, but needing a license offers consequences for not following the law.
eadiecougs 5/31/2014 11:25:20 PM Report

sam licence will not stop them from driving drunk it dont work with cars and it wont work with e bikes.I am afraid that what ever u drive there will be morons driving drunk.
tosimple 6/1/2014 7:05:54 AM Report

These ebikes on the roads are brutal!! If we don't have our children in proper car seats we are in trouble. Yet you see people riding double and pulling the kids behind the e bike in tiny trailers.... When an accident occurs cause its gona the e bike driver or passenger can sue are insurance??? What re course do we have??? They don't have to have insurance..
GotRotties 6/1/2014 7:46:32 AM Report

It's a BICYCLE people..if they need a licence to ride that then the people that drive regular bikes need one too. I don't know why so many people resent these bikes. The GOVERNMENT was the one that decided that bikes should be ridden on the roads and NOT the sidewalks. I realize that some riders give a bad name to the rest but the majority that I have come up against are riding properly and I don't have any problem changing lanes to go round them. The same can be said about car, truck and van drivers not to mention motorcycles. No one seems to be inconvenienced by the bad drivers of these vehicles. There are good and bad in all vehicles so stop getting your panties in a bunch about these people. Some of them cannot afford to drive a car, some of them are older and don't have the energy to pedal a regular bike but still enjoy getting a little bit of fresh air once in a while..Stop being a bunch of crotchety old men. You all remind me of those two puppets on Sesame Street. the ones in the peanut gallery pooh-poohing anything and everything!
JustineM 6/1/2014 7:46:55 AM Report

If there is a petition or anything of the sort like that so ebike riders are required to have a license AND insurance, I truly hope sootoday posts it so I can sign it. I ride a motorcycle and I see so many unsafe riders on these danger mobiles. Some things they do, they may not realize, like two people riding side by side. However, they are reckless and I know of one accident this spring where the man on an ebike pulled into traffic to get hot on purpose. The police arrested him on the spot because he has made numerous attempts throughout the day claiming the drivers insurance would have to pay. Big surprise, he had one because he had a DUI.
Rules need to be put in place are everything, especially a vehicle that can't drive the speed limit and requires to be on the road. I can just imagine how fast I would get pulled over if I had a child sharing a seat with me or a rigged a trailer to the back of my motorcycle!!
IgnorantNortherner 6/1/2014 8:06:26 AM Report

You guys ever watch The Lego Movie (2014)? Some of you remind me of the Lego people that are literally lost in life when they don't have rules to follow or an authority figure telling them exactly what to do at all times.

Justine, how does a new law keep someone that wants to get hit on purpose from getting hit on purpose?

I'm going to go out on a limb and say those kids trailers are not road legal. I was about to say "who would do that" but I guess the simple answer is "someone that lives in the Soo....Gurpy, maybe?".

They're not suing you; they're suing your insurance company as you say so your recourse is to hold liability for several million dollars which you should be doing anyway -- at least two mil.

Lots of SooToday commenters seem to resent cyclists on the road. Don't you find them much easier to keep an eye on there as opposed to flying down the sidewalks where you're not always looking?
houston 6/1/2014 8:20:24 AM Report

Why not have e-bike lanes. The one positive is that they run on a battery and don't pollute. I believe there is a law in Los Angeles in the down town area that only allows battery powered vehicles. These bikes would be used a lot there. If the battery runs out, you just peddle.
Ultra 6/1/2014 8:25:57 AM Report

At first I is a great idea. People trading down and electing to use them as an alternative to a gas guzzling SUV. But.....that certainly isn't the case is it? What we have here in general are poeople who can't afford a car/motorcycle with insurance and are to lazy to walk, buying/steeling these to get to the mall or liquor store.These thing are not welcome anywhere in my view. I have seen to many pajama wearing, baseball hat under ill fitting bicycle helmet toothless idiots wobbling down the road. Worst yet is seeing one of these Carni's on the hub trail.I suggest these individuals be very happy there are laws and consequences for people like me running them over for kicks because if there wasn't , you'd be seeing lots of pancaked track pants dotting our roads instead of squirrel carcasses
halfday 6/1/2014 8:26:17 AM Report

Bicycles and e-bikes share the road, that is a given. Following rules are not always a given. I try to drive with some respect for people who have different modes of transportation, but frustration occurs when I have to pass them three or four times at red lights because they creep up beside you. Common sense tells us to share the road not to use it like you are the only one on it.
perception from here 6/1/2014 8:41:37 AM Report

Good day - First I apologize to everyone for using this article to present my issue but I had no alternative since my stolen property report was not listed in the news today.
To the two individuals (male and female) who stole my wife's bike from right out in front of our garage last night (8pm), I hope you will at least take care of it. It is a women's Reebok, frame size is a small 26" wheel(short in height) white and light blue in colour. I also would like you to know that I know the bike you have stolen, but you do not know who I am so if I were you, I would be looking over my shoulder every minute of every day. The direction you left in was observed as well as your appearances, and the cigarette butt you dropped when you were stealing the bike will be forwarded to the authorities - just in case. In any event, take care of the bike, show it some respect, respect that you negelct to show anywhere else in your life.
With respect to the article I have invaded, I agree that too many liberties are being taken with this new mode of transportation and there has to be some order (through laws etc.) to ensure all individuals who are allowed to use roadways for transportation are protected fairly.
crashed13 6/1/2014 9:16:14 AM Report

So the e-bike guy does not get charged with impaired driving because its treated like a petal bike even though it has a electric motor.
But the guy in the Paddle boat with no motor what so ever did?
jojoe71 6/1/2014 10:29:11 AM Report

How do these e bikes differ from the Mopeds of years ago. they all seem to look like some sort of scooter. I have yet to see one being peddled. Maybe they are too heavy to actually peddle. any way your taking your life in your hands if you try to ride these things in this city as if your on a motorcycle.
crashed13 6/1/2014 10:56:43 AM Report

Motorcycles/Gas scooters can keep up to the 50 km/h and beyond speed limits these e-bikes sure don't seem to.
But there they are in the middle of the lane doing 30km/h in a 50 holding up the show.
Dead End Kid 6/1/2014 11:03:43 AM Report

E bikes riding downtown and on residential streets shouldn't be hugging the curb. They are plenty quick enough to be in the flow of traffic. They like regular bikers are playing with their lives when they ride on Great Northern Rd.
bunyak 6/1/2014 11:29:57 AM Report

This jerk buzzed pass our car in the station mall parking lot almost side swiping us and made a rude comment towards us. What if he struck a person with this 200 lbs of machinery.
Frio 6/1/2014 12:59:29 PM Report

To be qualified as an e-bike the maximum speed is 32km/hr. and it must have the peddles installed. All the information is on the MTO website.

21. If a police officer stopped someone who was drunk while driving an e-bike, how would they be charged? Would this be a Criminal Code offence or an HTA offence?

Drinking and driving a motor vehicle is a Criminal Code offence and charges are laid under the Criminal Code of Canada. Under the Criminal Code, the definition of a "motor vehicle" would include an e-bike and anyone operating an e-bike intoxicated could be charged for impaired driving. If convicted, the offender would be subject to the Criminal Code penalties, including a fine or jail time, and a driving prohibition.

Under the Highway Traffic Act, an e-bike is not classified as a motor vehicle, so penalties for impaired driving under the Act would not apply.

Koolaid 6/1/2014 2:44:25 PM Report

so what are you saying?
Frio 6/1/2014 3:14:49 PM Report

I'm saying the questions being asked are answered on the MTO website relating to what is an e-bike, it's speed limit, requirements to operate and how an impaired charge applies. Information is available and free as easy as using "Goggle" can make it.
Koolaid 6/1/2014 3:21:35 PM Report


your saying two different things.
ebike is a motor vehicle and your also saying that its not?
Koolaid 6/1/2014 6:28:12 PM Report

Shouldn't tell everyone your secrets .
Redneck75 6/1/2014 8:53:08 PM Report

That was such a poor attempt at an insult I'm not even going to fire back. Try harder.
Frio 6/1/2014 11:33:28 PM Report

Koolaid.. Impaired driving on an e-bike will result in charges under the Criminal Code. The Highway Traffic Act (HTA) is an Ontario Act which regulates the licensing of vehicles, classification of traffic offenses, administration of loads, classification of vehicles and other transport related issues. E-bikes apparently are not considered a "motor vehicle" under the HTA, so there are no charges under HTA regulations, only the Criminal Code.
jojoe71 6/1/2014 11:34:20 PM Report

how about this one ..." that's what you are....what am I ?
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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