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Power outage in Third Line area (update: power restored)

Monday, May 26, 2014   by: Staff
1:30 p.m. update
Power has been restored to all customers.
If you are still without power please call the PUC Emergency number at 759-6555.

Interruption Date:  May 26, 2014 at 12:04 p.m.
Customers Affected:  4315

Number of Customers Restored: 4315  
Restored at:  1:20 PM

Cause of Interruption: Equipment Failure -- Failed high voltage cable termination
1 p.m. original release
This is a description of an unplanned power interruption(s) that is currently affecting PUC Distribution customers in Sault Ste. Marie.

If you have any information leading to the cause of the outage or other concerns please call the PUC emergency number at 759-6555.
Interruption Date:  May 26, 2014 at 12:04 p.m.
Customers Affected:  4315

Cause of Interruption: Under Investigation -- Crews investigating lines and cables
Description of area involved:

Korah east to North and Wilson south end, Third Line East; south to Wellington and St. Andrew's Terrace.



Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
S.M.A.R.T. 5/26/2014 1:47:19 PM Report

Blame it on the Second Line Taj Mahal because you should. Hope you had the candles standing by.
Frio 5/26/2014 1:55:00 PM Report

Candles for what? Come out from under your black cloud of constant negativity and you would notice it is the middle of day and the sun is shining.
protein 5/26/2014 2:03:02 PM Report

I agree with S.M.A.R.T just think of all the equipment that could have been repaired or updated with the money that they spent on Mount Hydro.
Gurpy 5/26/2014 2:07:39 PM Report

I also agree with S.M.A.R.T. Seems that the money could`ve and should`ve been put to better use!
Stevie-E 5/26/2014 2:48:37 PM Report

Wow...all of the PUC complaint department must have degrees in finance and accounting. It's very apparent that you know where the funds should go more than the people that actually have jobs in that profession...or more importantly, that sector. Instead of being nearsighted behind your computer; consider this:

The old buildings were likely money-pits and the long-term expenditures maintaining them would exceed the short term investment cost of building something new. Money pit or not, the old buildings may have been inefficient, requiring upgrades that wouldn't be cost effective in the long term.
When these buildings are built, the decision-makers are not looking 1-2 years into the future like you naysayers; its probably closer to 40 years. Not only is there a "cost-effectiveness" component, but the construction brought in contractors who spent money at local establishments, restaurants, bars, hotels, etc. There were many spin-off jobs to local contractors as well who did some of the finishing work.

Like it or not, the building has been it really worthwhile to continue complaining and stressing out about it. It's bad for the soul.'s just nice seeing a fresh building in a sea of dilapidated structures.
anapeg 5/26/2014 2:57:27 PM Report

The title ought read Third Line and Downtown core.
protein 5/26/2014 3:15:14 PM Report

StevieE I've heard from someone that one bulb.... ONE BULB for the Chandelier costs $300. hmmmm necessary.
asp 5/26/2014 3:29:11 PM Report

Not only Third Line, also in the west end of the city by John Street
Stevie-E 5/26/2014 3:33:32 PM Report


I also heard they also installed teleportation devices into each home so they can reduce their carbon offset for commuting completely by allowing all of their employees to go to and from work from their living room...their LIVING ROOM!
Stevie-E 5/26/2014 3:38:56 PM Report

...before I get attacked by the grammar police (was posting from my phone)


I also heard they installed teleportation devices into each home, reducing their carbon footprint of commuting entirely by allowing all of their employees to go to and from work from their living room...their LIVING ROOM!
Jchevs 5/26/2014 3:45:02 PM Report

I'm starting to loose faith in our society, more so in this community. The fact that everyone needs to put blame on someone. The fact that there is always something that needs to be said about even the most insignificant things that might not ever impact your life what so ever. The fact that such crudeness and hateful sayings are being said about things in your community. And that's not just this story, every story. I bet even for one day, ONE DAY, our community couldn't go the entire day without negative comments, insults, or rudeness!!!!

The fact that our society has not evolved past such ignorance from people disgusts me. God knows I would never raise my children to speak like some of the people in these comments.

There is just so much more in life to be happy for, but some people choose to be pessimistic instead. I read these comments for views on how others feel about about the situation at hand. Not ridiculous accusations and nonsense.

I don't expect to change anyone's views or offend anyone with this post, but I expect some people to read this and take more initiative and pride in themselves. We all deserve it!
Stevie-E 5/26/2014 3:50:41 PM Report

protein 5/26/2014 3:15:14 PM Report

All joking aside, protein - don't always believe what you hear, but I will shed some "light" on the situation.

Even at $300/light, it may justified as it could be an LED light that's for high output with a 50,000 hour life (as apposed to 2500-5000 hours). Also, one $300 lightbulb may throw more light out than ten $30 get what I am trying to say, I hope.

To change light bulbs at that height, there are a lot of considerations, like labour costs and costs accessing that light fixture. So, over the course of 10-15 years of may only see that bulb changed once rather than 10 times.

In closing, although your $300 light bulb may be substantially more initially, it may cost thousands more over the same period for a cheaper alternative. Explained in it's most simplistic form, there's a savings of $700/bulb over time.
Diamond Head 5/26/2014 4:24:28 PM Report

One day while driving during the daytime
the lights were on. I heard the lights cost $10,000.00 a piece. A BIG WASTE OF MONEY. What scares me is what else is on the inside that we are paying for??

Sam C 5/26/2014 5:31:20 PM Report

Stevie-E... it's like bringing a Sherman tank to a knife fight, isn't it? Logic and facts? Harumph!
S.M.A.R.T. 5/26/2014 7:04:58 PM Report

For you people who think that the huge disbursements undertaken by the utility agencies in this province are just peachy keen and justified, CHECK YOUR MONTHLY UTILITIES BILL!!! Wake up and smell the coffee IDIOTS!
Newsjunkie 5/26/2014 7:20:51 PM Report

Less than $150 per month to service my 1700 square foot home with all the power & water I need? I pay more for the privilege of owning a car. I pay more for my kids piano lessons. I pay more for my groceries. In fact, PUC is probably one of my lowest monthly expenses. Take into consideration the HUGE amount of infrastructure & man power involved in providing me with the luxury of power and clean water & I consider it a pretty good deal - even with the occasional glitch in the system.
Gurpy 5/26/2014 7:47:48 PM Report

Your either full of it or something is even more wrong with my situation! I live in a small apt., do almost everything in off peak hours and my bill has not been below $150.00! Start talking!
tronx 5/26/2014 10:22:16 PM Report

I have a 3 bedroom bungalow
Gas furnace, gas hot water
$120 on average for electric and water...
Christ I spend more on shaw, that has 1 cable to maintain around town with 1/10th the employees.
Perhaps you have electric heat? If so that's pretty fair.
Stevie-E 5/27/2014 9:07:02 AM Report

Hmmm...maybe we have 7 & 8 year olds posting on here. What is it guys? $300 or $10,000??

I know what it is...ZERO LOGIC!

Did people suddenly lose the ability to think for themselves? With the exception of a few reasonable posters, you are all barking up the wrong tree. You know what might be the reason behind your "substantial" PUC bills?? It might be the partly (or wholly) caused by the following, which I have decided to make it into a poem. I call it totally electrical.

Totally Electrical

How about the four computers you have on right now?
...and the 3 plasma TVs? Holy Cow!
A computer for each child...
...and the in-ground sprinkler system running wild!
The fact that you are doing laundry every day,
...for something worn for two hours - not okay!
That rechargeable mower, weed whacker and trimmer..
...How about the chandelier you didn't put on a dimmer?
Cordless this, and wireless that,
...I thought they ran on water vapour, what's up with that??
Your iPods charging, your smartphones are synching.
...It's PUC's fault for my bill increase - what we're they thinking??!
Instead of always blaming others - pointing that finger...
...Look at yourself, read my poem, and let it linger!
S.M.A.R.T. 5/27/2014 9:47:14 AM Report

Your utility bills are O.K.?!?! Must be more at play with the water in this town than just brown colouring. Kool-Aid, Kool-Aid, tastes great, we love Kool-Aid, can't wait.

Gurpy 5/27/2014 11:23:49 AM Report

My heat is electric but, I haven`t used it in a while. My bills are at least 150.00 without heat. Yeah, your right! Something is seriously wrong! Thanks!
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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