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This guy might not be able to vote for himself

Tuesday, May 27, 2014   by: Staff



Suffrage rally Sault Ste. Marie on Saturday, May 31 at noon - 2:30 p.m.

A rally is planned to protest against the Fair Elections Act, and to demand regulations on voting and elections be reduced provincially.

The rally will occur Saturday, May 31 at noon - 2:30 p.m. at the Sault Ste Marie Courthouse, next to Service Ontario.

The first few speakers have been selected, and include rally organizer and local Ontario Libertarian Party Candidate for MPP Austin Williams.

Williams has experienced firsthand systematic disenfranchisement from the election and voting system, and due to technicalities may not be able to vote at all in the election he is a candidate for.

The stage will be opened up afterward to every person who wants to speak.

This rally is about Suffrage for all people, and so all are welcome to attend, participate, and speak, including other party candidates and members.

There will also be information available about who is eligible to vote, where to vote, and what ID requirements are in place.

The organizers of this rally implore all people to make certain they have everything required to vote beforehand.

It may be difficult to do without advanced preparation.

The overall motive of this rally is to call attention to the fact that voting restrictions heavily impact the ability of the lower class, university students, the homeless and people who have recently moved to vote both federally and provincially.

Furthermore, in a period of the lowest voter turnouts in Canada’s history, voting should be made easier, not harder.

In the words of the recently disgraced American Senator McConnell: “Want to keep minority voters from the polls? Fine, set up hindrances to 'prevent voter fraud'.”

This is what tight electoral laws accomplish.

Find the rally on Facebook: Suffrage Rally Sault Ste Marie or contact the organizer Austin Williams at or


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Sam C 5/27/2014 9:17:27 AM Report

I don't like the (so-called) Fair Elections Act, but "Suffrage"? Seriously?
IgnorantNortherner 5/27/2014 9:24:29 AM Report

Are we just listing words we don't like, Sam, or did you have a point I missed?

Twistinwrenches 5/27/2014 10:31:36 AM Report

Whats wrong with providing ID to vote .
Mr E 5/27/2014 11:33:07 AM Report

If you don't have the time to obtain proper ID, I'm guessing you don't have the time to make an educated vote.
Lynds 5/27/2014 11:42:15 AM Report

They just went through this fight in Michigan with the GOP legislature. The problem begins when you have (for one example) students whose current address may not match the address on their ID. In Michigan, this prohibited them from being able to vote, despite the fact that the difference in address was just due to living in a dorm, etc.
justsomeguy 5/27/2014 2:48:54 PM Report

@Lynds - I never had trouble voting while away at university. I voted by proxy and never changed my driver's license address. Anyone away from home can vote by special ballot today.

There are options available. They may not be opportune or entirely convenient, but today's society seems to be predicated on entitlement and convenience.
pat on a bike 5/27/2014 5:15:45 PM Report

IgnorantNortherner :
I peed a little there when I read the word "moist" I hate that word too.
made me laugh, thanks
trinity08 5/29/2014 9:13:39 AM Report

Whats the point of this new "fair" elections act? The Conservatives are afraid of "voter fraud" when the only fraud ever found was within PARTIES, not the people... so they limit the people anyways making it more difficult to vote. (Those who have the proper ID may not see this as a big deal but don't be so quick to judge those who don't. Don't assume you are more educated then those who don't. If you don't care about others then just stay out of it. There are people who ACTUALLY care and want to help others) This country is supposed a democracy and EVERYONE has the RIGHT to vote, even our prisoners! So for University students who have different addresses each semester and during summers will have trouble providing proper documentation. Those who choose not to have a bank account and not pay $100/yr for it will have trouble voting.
Why change the act? Whats with the added exclusions? Why work against the citizens instead of working with them to bring voting % up? What are the Conservatives really worried about?? (FYI the Conservatives changed the act amongst themselves, without expert advice and without consulting any other parties about it, why?)
Bold statement here: It seems to me like we are moving away from a democracy and closing in on dictatorship!
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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