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Crash at Wellington and Shannon

Thursday, May 22, 2014   by: Kenneth Armstrong

Police and ambulance crews attended the scene of a collision on Wellington Street at Shannon Road sometime before 2:30 p.m.

The collision involved a car and minivan, airbags were deployed on both vehicles.

The car experienced heavy damage to the front end, while the van experienced damage to the front passenger-side.

No word on cause of the crash or if there were any serious injuries.

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book-end 5/22/2014 4:26:39 PM Report

Some one went through a stop sign............... who done it is not up to me to say ! Just hope no no was hurt.
book-end 5/22/2014 4:27:04 PM Report

Some one went through a stop sign............... who done it is not up to me to say ! Just hope no no was hurt.
A Proud Canuck 5/22/2014 4:32:17 PM Report

All I can say is SLOW DOWN PEOPLE!! Instead of being in such a panicked hurry to get through our city (that takes all of fifteen minutes), plan your trip better and leave five minutes earlier... it's not rocket science!

I live in that area and I can't believe the number of idiots who treat Shannon Road like a four-lane highway. Would YOU like someone driving like that past YOUR house? You know the answer.
Alison SlapNuTShot 5/22/2014 4:42:40 PM Report

there is no stop sign on that intersection...
Sam C 5/22/2014 5:16:28 PM Report

Stop sign, Red light... unfortunately, too many drivers either ignore these or are too inattentive to notice.
Gumby54 5/22/2014 5:17:24 PM Report

No Stop signs but there are traffic lights on all four corners. Someone ran a Amber/Red. They are after all just suggestions for drivers in this city.
CB4 5/22/2014 5:23:22 PM Report

He was drunk
I'm In 5/22/2014 7:59:37 PM Report

He/She was trying to qualify for the Nationwide Series Wellington 500 but hit a side street and not a safer barrier wall, who's ever fault it was should pay through the nose for car insurance.
hrh 5/22/2014 10:35:56 PM Report

In two short trips in the city yesterday, I came across a speeding van that ran the red light at Wellington St. W. & Carmen's Way then ran the stop sign at Carmen's Way & Queen St. West, a car which made an illegal right turn on the red at Wellington St./St. Andrews/John St. (both during the noon rush hour)and a wrong-way driver on Queen St. between Gore and Dennis St. And, tonight in 5 minutes, I saw 3 vehicles run stop signs. It's no wonder the city has gotten the reputation as having worse drivers than most other cities.
dadal 5/23/2014 6:36:17 AM Report

I am very dissapointed that police were unable to find any illegal substance to value at triple the normal cost, thus giving us very little info. In fact it seems to me that if the photographer wasn't there, this story may never appear at all.

Come on police, couldn't you find a trace of even suspected pot valued at a grand to report? Or a prostitute walking by that could have distracted the driver?

How about cracking down on fast drivers instead of your war on drugs? I've seen many many speeding vehicles running red lights and stop signs. We just had a city bus that cut a turn too close and hit a stopped man on a scooter.

Seems to me it isn't news unless drugs are involved.
riverman 5/23/2014 7:50:26 AM Report

@ dadal:

The last two drug busts reported on sootoday were the direct result of drivers being stopped for speeding. Did you want to amend your post to a thank you to the police for doing your bidding?
NP-complete 5/23/2014 8:09:13 AM Report

"Will someone please think of the children?"
MYPOINT 5/23/2014 3:28:48 PM Report

This city has some of the worst drivers in Canada as far as I am concerned. Like others, I have seen numerous incidents of idiots talking on cell phones or texting while driving, running yellow lights and even red lights, not stopping or even slowing down at stop signs, turning left or right at stop signs where it is not permitted, speeding on most streets in the city, and the list could go on and on and on.

Unfortunately, our city police can not be everywhere at the same time so a lot of this goes unnoticed unless a cruiser is actually sitting in the vicinity and spots the person breaking the law. Obviously if the police ARE sitting there, these idiot drivers will most likely NOT break the law.

For those who say the police are not doing their jobs, I have to ask you if YOU would support the city hiring more police officers so that the city can have more police on the roads?

Although I have seen incidents where the police seem to never be there when some idiot breaks the 'common sense laws' that we have to protect everyone, I have also seen times when the police have been doing their jobs and some posters on here complain because the police were seen doing their jobs.

People we can NOT have it both ways. If we want more police manpower on our city streets, we must pay for it. If we want these idiotic drivers taken off of the road, we must stop complaining when the police are caught doing their jobs. Which would YOU choose?

As always, your views may differ from mine :)
dadal 5/24/2014 1:21:34 PM Report

No riverman. I am pleased they are cracking down on speeders but the exaggerated drug find values are geting old.

I'd rather they go after the B and E ring, bike thefts and simular crimes.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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