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City seeks input for transfer of day care spaces

Tuesday, May 20, 2014   by: Staff



Mayor Debbie Amaroso and Members of City Council are seeking the public’s input on the possible transfer of the City’s 100 day care spaces from municipally-operated day care centres to other licenced not-for-profit day care providers.

City day care facilities include Jessie Irving, Maycourt, and the Best Start program at Holy Family School.

At its May 12, 2014 meeting, Council received reports from staff that provided details on possibly transferring the 100 municipal day care spaces to other licenced providers, due to funding cuts from the Ministry of Education.

The reports included funding information provided from the City and Province, through the District of Sault Ste. Marie Social Services Administrative Board (DSSMSSAB), for both subsidized and non- subsidized (termed ‘full-fee’) spaces.

These reports can be viewed on the City website – City Hall Bulletins – Possible Transfer of Day Care Spaces.

The City operates 100 of the approximately 1,400 day care spaces that DSSMSSAB administers by way of 17 not-for-profit organizations licenced by the Province to deliver day care services.

Through DSSMSSAB, the City currently funds, and will continue to fund, approximately $1.3 million as its share for the 1400 spaces.

The City also funds $578,000 (2015 level) for annual operating costs at Jessie Irving, Maycourt, and Best Start at Holy Family School, not covered by revenue.

Current and future capital costs for municipal day care facilities will add to this annual amount.

Of the City’s 100 spaces, approximately 50 are subsidized by DSSMSSAB and the City, and about 50 pay the ‘full-fee’ amount.

The cost for each municipal space is approximately $80/day.

The amount received for each DSSMSSAB subsidized space is approximately $70/day.

The ‘full-fee’ rate is presently approximately $40/day.

The ‘full-fee’ would need to increase to $80/day in order to cover the cost of operating the municipal day care centres.

The transfer of the 100 municipal day care spaces to other providers would in effect mean that 15 full-time jobs would be cut from municipal operations.

Some, if not all, of these jobs may be required by the new licenced providers.

The public (users as well as other tax payers) is encouraged to submit comments regarding the transfer of day care spaces through an online survey found on the City website – – City Hall Surveys.

The deadline to complete the survey is June 14.

For additional information, contact the Community Services Department at 705-759-5310.


Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
Entity 5/20/2014 12:58:32 PM Report

This is a good way for the city to save money that it shouldn't be spending. That said, it'll simply mismanage the savings; because that's what this city does.
eadiecougs 5/20/2014 1:34:41 PM Report

you have kids you pay for them this province is broke.these
same kids will have to pay later on because of this broke province thanks to the liberals
Mr. Poster 5/20/2014 2:20:03 PM Report

Lets see if this council can make the tough decision.
Prrrrrrr 5/20/2014 2:31:07 PM Report

I never got free daycare or babysitting service, you want to have a family...Time to plan it so you can afford it!!!
Tills 5/20/2014 2:55:23 PM Report

The Liberals brought in full time kindergarden classes.. that should be enough, we can't and should not have both to burden the tax payer.
BT1979 5/20/2014 3:07:13 PM Report

Here come the comments from the people who have no statistics and truth behind what they are saying....
oh and by the way...the tax dollars that come out of my pocket cover this...

1) Detention Centers (for those who cannot discipline their kids)
2) Old age home subsidy (for those who did not save in the last 30 years)
3) Unemployment (not DESERVING who stay home when they can work)
4) Amenities in the city for updates and repairs.
5) Health and Human services
6) Social Security
etc etc....MORAL OF THE STORY....make a pie chart and calculate each percentage and where it fits and you categorize what percentage daycare fits into that where it will AFFECT out taxes....THAT'S RIGHT it wont so leave them open...allowing your child to use the service does not mean you do not care for your child. It means that the average person who works, works to support their family to keep the economy going...not because they cannot afford to have kids...that's a stupid thing to say. There is a lot of things that we have to pay for in life...its called living and the fact of long as you are alive there are 3 things that are certain we will have to pay for...Taxes, Bills, Funeral Expenses. Closing the daycare will cause a MAJOR DOMINO EFFECT on our system. It will make things worse. People with lost jobs, E.I swamped with educated people who can't work that will have to stay home, economy and spending will have ripple effect on each work, no money going into society. It's such a small percentage of our system that a water droplet is the comparison to the tax that we pay...

When will you people understand that this issue will not LOWER YOUR TAXES! Check this out guys...This is a stat for

Ages 15-64..70% of the population...out of that percentage how many people actually have a job that pay into our taxes which coincides with family...I bet you a large portion of those people have children who pay for MANY unwanted tax problems in this city.

How about re-visit the city's downtown queen street location where my tax dollars are going to keep it running.

You people have to understand that in order for the population to keep growing children have to be made and sacrifices need to be made so what do we give and what do we take...

Not everyone pays subsidy daycare. There are enough families out there who can pay the full amount to keep the daycare's running. There should not even be an argument regarding keeping it open.

One more thing, for all you who say ECE workers are over paid...let me tell you this....WHY DON'T YOU GO TAKE A PAY CUT CAUSE YOUR NOT WORTH WHAT YOU's that sound guys. Last time I checked, in order to be an electrician, plumber, machinist, etc.. you need a order to work in the Kindergarten classes in the school system you need a registered ECE worker...wanna go private no problem great idea but from my experience in life with any particular get what you pay for....

KEEP THE DAY CARES OPEN DEBBIE. Do not let these kids suffer because of the lousy dollar.

With Love!
BT1979 5/20/2014 3:16:41 PM Report

First of all its not 15 workers....its around 32 which means and average of 300 people suffer. Those who used to benefit from these people working like doctors, hairdressers, dentists, chiropractors, eye doctors, etc...think about your clients who come to you....the benefits, the pensions, the work these people put in....its crazy...we are suffering as it is in this what I call an underdeveloped city. Let's face it...we have no career jobs in this city. All these minimum wage jobs to not cut it. Listening to people from out of town in developing cities tell me the SAULT is way behind....people are leaving...
Keep the day cares open...
rockbanger 5/20/2014 3:30:13 PM Report


Your list and comments are vile and repulsive. There are seniors who worked hard their whole lives and deserve dignity in their late years. That is just an example.

Should you be so perfect? I doubt it.

Should you apologize to the offended people....YES.

If there are daycare spaces that will be available at most of the new day care facilities, then no one will be without a spot for their child.

Your mean approach is not warranted.
cathyh 5/20/2014 3:35:45 PM Report

Is the city going to publish the results of the survey that they are doing regarding the daycare issue? I hope so. I would like to see it in black and white.
sanford&son 5/20/2014 3:39:32 PM Report


The problem with government involvement at any level in areas where it has no business is that it distorts wages and competes against private companies and has an unfair advantage. SHUTTING DOWN THESE DAYCARE PROVIDERS will allow the private market to determine how many new businesses will open to soak up the excess/unemployed workers and children who require services - Jobs will not be lost unless there was no need for the job to begin with as the private businesses will open and pay wages more appropraite for this type of work - Unfortunately this is what needs to be done BT1979
ThinkAgain 5/20/2014 4:37:21 PM Report

Enough with the wasted overpaid staff, give it to the private sector. Put a stop to needless spending.

Its called bankruptcy if you can't balance the budget.

BT1979 5/20/2014 4:57:43 PM Report

I do not owe anyone an apology because what I sound like is exactly what some of you people sound like....REPULSIVE....I proved my point by expressing that people in the community are OFFENDING those who provide service in the municipal daycares as well as parents who work hard.I do not mind paying taxes for these things because there is a reason for it. I AM NOT perfect by any means and once again my actions and respect are far greater for society and for the people in this city than what your making me out to be. I am dedicated to the city I grew up in. The point I am trying to make is I support it all....including the list I mentioned with love. So what benefit would there be in closing the day care besides saving a buck. Do not respond with back lashes....and I'm aware that I am not going win this battle but at least I'm going to HELP where ever I offence taken by the way...
rigrider 5/20/2014 6:24:07 PM Report

the children in these daycares are ahead in learning because they are in daycare ,do we want another generation of dropouts and teenagers to read about in the news or do we want to spend a little to ensure a good start for anyones child parent(s) working or not,think about it folks
DeeDee11 5/20/2014 7:39:18 PM Report

My child currently attends one of the city daycare centers. Just fyi (because I'm sure you'll want to know), we pay the full-fee daily rate, and it is WORTH EVERY PENNY. I know many parents who have also sent their children to the other city-run daycares, and they say the exact same thing.

I shopped around for a daycare centre, and have been in most within this city. All fees are roughly the same, but all daycares are not "equal". I do NOT believe the level of care, the programming, the physical space/environment are the same. We CHOSE the city daycare for the excellent care and programming. It has a wonderful outdoor playground as well. And, the staff is warm, professional, and fun.

It is unfortunate that this issue seems so "black and white" to so many of you - who likely do not have children, or who have children that are all grown up. Does it always have to be about the money? Only the money?

If it is about money, then perhaps the city should be re-evaluate ALL projects/portfolios which receive city/taxpayers' dollars.

It wasn't so long ago the city debated what to do w/ the Norgoma. What did they decide? Status quo. Let's spend another $15,000 per year to have it just sit there, rusting.

How about other "tourist attractions" or organizations that the city is trying to keep afloat?

I'm sure there's many more examples of what some of you would call "waste".

So, we can spend thousands of dollars for the upkeep of STRUCTURES/BUILDINGS (which tourists may or may not visit), but we cannot spend money to take care of our CHILDREN... you know, our future... the ones who will be taking care of us when we are no longer able to take care of ourselves???

This is Canada, right? Isn't that what makes us great... the fact we take care of one another?

Invest in our future. Invest in our children.
ThinkAgain 5/20/2014 8:10:43 PM Report

I just can't wait for elections
Frio 5/20/2014 9:47:54 PM Report

Why is the cost for the city to provide a day care space $80.00 when most private run day cares are charging $40.00 a day and making a profit? The taxpayers are subsidizing everybody who uses city day care.
Great news 5/20/2014 11:57:30 PM Report

City should consider keeping daycare open only if users are willing to pay the full $80.00/day per child. I am sure parents wouldn't mind as they claim city day cares are superior to other day cares. There is a waiting list of over 1000 waiting so it should not be hard to fill the spaces at the actual full cost of $80.per day. This solution should satisfy everyone. Parents get "superior" day care service( as claimed by many parents).
No employees lose their jobs and taxpayers do NOT pay the the bill for the "lucky" families that children attend city run day cares.
Your opinion may differ but this is my thoughts to finding a solution to this issue.
BT1979 5/21/2014 7:30:49 AM Report

I wanna see numbers and scenario that support this data. I wanna see truth to all of this scam and I want to see probable results that will lower my taxes then the day after if what the city says is true. I do not want false misleading information that pushes people away before accurate solutions and other possible avenues are brought to the table. Also I want to see all the promises that are passed forward to the public regarding other issues this city faces to completely lower my taxes SIGNIFICANTLY and not by .50 cents as a result of this waste of time.

Also great tactic to encourage the public to post comments and opinions via internet rather than have that public speaking!

Can't wait for elections and who's brochure looks better. No wonder people are leaving the city to pursue a career elsewhere and SSM becoming an underdeveloped community.
ti-guy 5/21/2014 8:37:50 AM Report

Isn't it wonderful to see how involved the Mayor is? What a wonderful job....She must be completely worn out from all her great accomplishments.No wonder we are so far behind cities like ThunderBay and Sudbury....
Pumpherston 5/21/2014 9:01:47 AM Report

Better late than never for a response I guess. Think of it this way: You are a single parent making minimum wage ($11/hr in June)You need to work or be on the dole so, you work. Here is your child needing day care or before/after school care and without the subsidy it is going to cost you $80/day Now back in the day when math was arithmetic, if you make $11/hr and are lucky enough to work 8 hours/day/5 days/week that means you will be working for $8/DAY - how can anyone live on that? How can we not subsidize. Raising the minimum wage only means that you will pay more for everything, but there has to be some help for this single parent who will eventually be on the system and cost you way more than what the subsidy is for day care. Think about it people!
Great news 5/21/2014 9:10:19 AM Report

Pumpherston, keep in mind that there are other day cares available that will provide the day care service, WITH subsidies. We are talking about City run day cares.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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