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Almost $600,000 worth of drugs seized

Tuesday, May 20, 2014   by: Staff



On Friday, May 16 at approximately 12:10 p.m., an Ontario Provincial Police officer from the Highway Safety Division was conducting moving radar on Highway 17, just north of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

The officer observed a grey Kia Sedona van travelling southbound at a high rate of speed.

The vehicle was stopped on Highway 17, in the City of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

Further investigation revealed that the driver was in possession of a large quantity of a substance believed to be cannabis marijuana.

OPP seized approximately 84 pounds of cannabis marijuana with an estimated total street value of $577,425.

57-year-old Larry Donald CLARK of Calgary, Alberta was arrested and charged with Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking a controlled substance, contrary to the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act.

The accused is being held in custody pending a bail hearing today in Provincial Court, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.


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soowat 5/20/2014 9:31:30 AM Report

Let's see now. I've got 84 lbs of marijuana in my car. How can I let the police know? I know! I'll drive down the highway really fast. Too bad there isn't a charge called Stupid.
irishfey 5/20/2014 9:41:08 AM Report

Soowat, these folks are not just that "bright" ,lol... Mabey was the fumes from the plants ,lol
Blind Druid 5/20/2014 9:41:55 AM Report

Nobody I know pays $107.00 for a quarter. More advanced Po-Po mathematics. LOL.
crashed13 5/20/2014 10:34:37 AM Report

The most expensive pot I ever heard of.
Why do they always over exaggerate the value, or do they think its all sold by the joint?

Anyways that's one expensive speeding ticket. LOL
j-slice 5/20/2014 10:37:55 AM Report

@ Blind Druid

Simple business 101 .. Supply and Demand. I don't buy drugs nor know what the average cost is but logic dictates if there is no supply where he was going then his cost for product is surely covered ! On a side note : awesome job to the OPP !!
thesharr 5/20/2014 10:59:13 AM Report

Good thing they got busted,it's toooooo expensive anyway!
Sam C 5/20/2014 11:18:43 AM Report

@Blind Druid... for those of us who don't buy weed, can you do the math for us?

How much should 84 pounds of pot cost, on the street?
-shaggs- 5/20/2014 11:51:18 AM Report

at an average of $10 a gram and there being 453.59 grams in a pound brings the cost of a pound to $4535.90 so im just gonna round that to $4540 per pound times 84lbs that total comes to $381360 pretty low but im not sure who pays $15 a gram like the story suggests but the cops always take the high side and use it as the street value
KIDDO 5/20/2014 12:29:00 PM Report

Who gives a rats A$$ about the street value of what was seized, should'nt we just want to know the quantity? 84 lbs is a good take.
Pakadeva 5/20/2014 12:39:27 PM Report

Glad our cops did a great job again, too many kids & adults too, doing this stuff in SSM. Stupid is as stupid does!
D.Hasselhoff 5/20/2014 12:39:50 PM Report

The funny part of all of this is that Druid and crashed laugh but now that the 84 pounds are sitting in the OPP vault, they WILL be paying 15$ a gram. Joke is on you. Ah well, one less bag of Doritos for ya I guess.
D.Hasselhoff 5/20/2014 12:41:11 PM Report

Amazing job by the OPP. Congrats on one of the biggest takes the city ever saw.
S.M.A.R.T. 5/20/2014 2:20:56 PM Report

irishfey....."Mabey"?!?!? Really? LOL
crashed13 5/20/2014 2:35:42 PM Report

In the big picture its a drop in the bucket.
The car ahead of it probably had the stuff for the Sault.
D.Hasselhoff 5/20/2014 2:47:46 PM Report

@crashed, I laughed at that one. Well done. And so true and common here on sootoday, a comment from a reader referencing someones intelligence meanwhile they spell maybe wrong and use an absurd amount of comma's, quotations and ...
Joe654321 5/20/2014 5:35:35 PM Report

84 pounds of weed. This guy should be given a political job in Ottawa. Sounds like he wasn't smoking it. How much jail time did Rob Ford get for doing crack. And probably high at work. And to give it a street vale means that people out on the streets buy it. So that sounds like demand. And he is the supplier. I would say that two guys going out to camp with 4 cases of beer is more dangerous than 84 pounds of weed.
guestwho 5/20/2014 6:10:41 PM Report

good to see that these guys are trying to go straight with a cry for help by always speeding,lights out or something stupid like that!must be a cry for ??or sampling product!!!
Powerwise 5/20/2014 6:36:36 PM Report

let's be fair on them with marking up the prices a bit though

this is the OPP we're talking about and not the Sault police, who would've probably held a parade in their own honour, "Victory for Democracy Day!!" if they'd managed to find anything more substantial than 0.000001g of some loser's pipe resin.

i guess we gotta give our local boys in blue some slack on these invented, grandiose busts though, once the rising tide of recreational cannabis legalization breaks dawn up north, they might have to start taking down legitimate drug addicts, you know, the oxy lords, the crackheads, the ones who might actually resort to violence and crime, rather than old Joe and his wife down the street enjoying their pipe in privacy after a crappy, stressful day. it'll be just horrible when cops have to use our tax dollars to actually chase down offenders instead of destroying some college kid's life over a bong or whatever other "noble" thing.

you break down the presented figure and the OPP is telling you that weed goes for $15/g.

most everybody in the sault who isn't BSing you or giving some non-argument like "huhuhuh hahah i wouldnt know, never touched the stuff MORON DEGENERATE, but here I am offering my worthless opinions on it anyway ... it's worse than black tar heroin, say nope 2 dope, now excuse me while i return to my infinitely more destructive alcoholism, you do the crime u do the time haha! man do I LOVE it when a person's life is totally screwed up and tax dollars are wasted on process over something that'll be legal in less than a decade anyway!" will immediately say nah nah now, it's been $10 in this town across the board for at least a decade unless you have bad friends and/or you're getting screwed. even with his 84 lbs this fella is just one tiny drop in the bucket and will have zero effect on local supply/demand. 84 lbs? come on, busts that shake up the black market economy are in TONS, not pounds.

this guy's gonna have to explain something to his boss, but at the end of the day, nobody who wants their weed tonight is going to go without because this chump got a little anxious. police here did absolutely nothing but waste our money. end of story.

but unlike the SSMPS giving absolutely ridiculous $20, $30/g prices in their press releases (unless they are dumb enough to imply that there is anybody on the street willing to buy resin pipe-tar, i'd like to see this elusive $30/g soo police weed, is it their own homegrown strain or something, worth $30? that sweet sweet police grass better put me on Pluto 'til next week), $15 at least stays within the distant realm of possibility. maybe the OPP base their figures on a regional average instead of the Sault police "base it on astrology"

the portrait of a marijuana user is far from "street thug" or "dreadlocked rastafarian inhabiting a fortress constructed entirely out of Mrs. B's pizza boxes" or "idle leech" or any other spoonfed distortion which tries to equate potsmoking with meth et al ... and even though it may not be a drug for me personally, i'm at least not ignorant about it.

(also, if you like tinfoil hats and missing airplanes, you might ask whether or not somebody moving 84 pounds of weed was really dumb enough to flippantly speed around, or whether "observed the vehicle moving at a high rate of speed" "routine traffic stop" is a cover for "we were tipped off with illegal warrantless wiretapping information and wanted to search him, but darnit, we actually needed a semi-plausible excuse to violate his rights", but anyway, that's just the kind of rotten thing we have to consider with law enforcement in a post-snowden age, so don't misread me as defending this particular trafficker.)
skip24 5/20/2014 8:19:06 PM Report

Awe man that sucks poor guy
Alphie 5/20/2014 8:21:25 PM Report

What the OPP stopped someone for excessive speed are you sure. I was passed by a Transport on the bypass doing at least 140/hr. He went by two OPP cars with radars so who knew. Good for the Officer who actually did his job.
Killer_Spawn 5/20/2014 10:19:26 PM Report

there's some pot over in Europe that goes for €23 a gram... which is roughly $34 CAD... but trust me, don't make any plans because you aren't going anywhere after you smoke that.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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