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Bus collides with scooter, scooter rider drives away

Friday, May 16, 2014   by: Michael Purvis

A scooter rider was on his way to get himself checked out in hospital but said he felt "not too bad" after a collision with a city bus early this afternoon.

The collision took place at the corner of Anna and Adeline.

Joshua McMullin, 31, said he was stopped at a stop sign when the bus "clipped" him while turning the corner.

"The proper safety gear made all the difference," said McMullin, who rode his bike away and said he planned to go to hospital.

Police said there were no injuries to the passengers on the bus.

An SSM Transit official on scene was unable to comment on what caused the crash.

Police on scene said they were still investigating the incident.

(PHOTO: A scooter lies on its side after a collision with a city bus at the intersection of Anna and Adeline. Purvis)

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iamtc 5/16/2014 3:53:13 PM Report

It was a lucky day.
WhoAreYou 5/16/2014 4:05:14 PM Report

glad you're ok Josh.

Karl 5/16/2014 4:06:21 PM Report

ppl need to understand if a vehicle is bigger then them self yield! common sense. also pedestrians have the right of way! but I have a million dollar liability! when I walk I don't think I own the road.
Lone24 5/16/2014 4:12:47 PM Report

Correct me if I'm wrong but since when does a scooter have a muffler. Usually motorcycles have them.
6 fan 5/16/2014 4:20:38 PM Report

Scooter not e-bike
Pakadeva 5/16/2014 4:25:46 PM Report

The bike rider was "stopped at" a stop sign, what should he have yielded? His life? Read the article, he was "clipped" while "stopped"!
jbert 5/16/2014 4:50:26 PM Report

Nothing Like being dead right!
damzull1 5/16/2014 4:56:48 PM Report

those bus drivers think they own the road no respect for anyone they should be drug tested
rockbanger 5/16/2014 5:09:56 PM Report

Yes drug test everyone including Joe Fratesi.
Gumby54 5/16/2014 5:12:51 PM Report

This is a motor bike whether they want to call it a Scooter or not. It is a Yamaha per the picture and has a license plate with sticker which are not required on the E-bikes. This is then an accident under the hiway traffic act. Interesting to see the outcome - or will we?
justsomeguy 5/16/2014 5:17:39 PM Report

Since the legislative changes to buses under the HTA a few years ago I've noticed a distinctly different way the buses seem to drive on the roads. They seem much less cautious now.
I'm In 5/16/2014 5:46:20 PM Report

The only question I have is why was the bike/scooter right beside the bus, there is no way the Bus Driver would pull in beside the scooter at a Stop Sign if he did than the driver needs to be charged under the HTA
ducky58 5/16/2014 5:50:37 PM Report

Yes they think they own the road. They will pull right out in front of you and cut you off. That yield to the bus is a bunch of Bulls%#t. I can see it in a city like Toronto but not up here. I can see someone getting hurt. I think they had better look at that law again.
ducky58 5/16/2014 5:58:55 PM Report

If you look at the pictures you can clearly see the bus cut the corner. Not the last time you are going to see that. Happens all the time. I hope these pics will be able to help with them in laying charges.
SharingNeedles 5/16/2014 6:00:56 PM Report

damzull1 - Do you know anyone who works at transit ?
SharingNeedles 5/16/2014 6:02:39 PM Report

ducky58 - maybe the person on the scooter pulled up beside the bus, not paying attention to its turn signal.
Koss 5/16/2014 6:22:48 PM Report

You should never have two vehicles side by side at a stop sign. Even bikes should be behind the other vehicle. Especially if both are turning. I'm thinking the scooter pulled up beside the bus at the stop sign.
saultbie25 5/16/2014 6:23:03 PM Report

A fully motorized scooter is also called a vespa.... Same class as a motorcycle but still called a scooter
EmmasDad 5/16/2014 6:45:28 PM Report

Vespa is a brand, not a type of scooter.
Take 5/16/2014 6:49:21 PM Report

Scooter drivers want respect, then give respect and follow the rules. Today I was riding the bus and saw a Scooter driver riding the sidewalk from at least Shannon Road to as far west as I could see going down Trunk Rd but on the sidewalk. Not going slow but I would estimate full throttle.
I feel they should be licensed. My opinion, if you don't feel that way, that's your opinion. I respect that.
SharingNeedles 5/16/2014 6:50:28 PM Report

"said he was stopped at a stop sign when the bus "clipped" him while turning the corner."

Sounds to me like to bus was at the stop sign first, then proceeds to turn
not realizing that someone had come up beside the bus.

dadal 5/16/2014 7:47:27 PM Report

"sigh" does no one read????

Scooter was stopped at the sign. Bus clipped him. I suspect the bus turned and didn't see the scooter there.

The story did NOT say he pulled up as bus was turning!!!

Hope he takes the scooter to Premiere Yamaha to have it checked out.
Muadib 5/16/2014 7:47:52 PM Report

The scooter involved has a 400cc engine, making it more powerful than many small motorcycles on the street and should not be confused with electric scooters or e-bikes.
dadal 5/16/2014 7:50:10 PM Report

Take a GOOD look at the pictures. Bus turned into the scooter or into the wrong lane as it took the corner. Bus is clearly in the wrong.
stewie13 5/16/2014 8:17:32 PM Report're right and it looks to me like the bus was turning left. Looks like we're looking at the back end driver's side of the bus.
SW33T_LOU 5/16/2014 8:21:57 PM Report

The bus drivers will not stop and let you go if they cant make it safely around the corner. I live on the North block of dennis st and watch it every day. People will be at the stop sign perfectly in their own lane waiting for about 30 seconds of traffic to clear so they can make their turn and be gone. Then along comes a bus. The bus drivers know they cant make that corner if a car is there BUT THEY GO ANYWAYS! They will whip around the corner and stop a mere inches from your vehicle and then wait for YOU to move.Rather than letting you go to safely have room to negotiate the corner. I watched at times as 6-7 cars had to reverse to make enough room because the guy couldn't let one car out to make room. They are aggressive bullies of the road that take the yield to bus law far past its legal reach. The worst part of it all is that even though they are in the wrong in most of the accidents, THEY NEVER GET CHARGED AND THEY ALWAYS KEEP THEIR JOB!!
harry_29_57 5/16/2014 9:15:33 PM Report

if you want to ride an e bike or scooter drive it like a motorcycle, and obey the rules of the road. Don't pull up beside me on a right hand turn you will lose.
shju 5/16/2014 9:29:10 PM Report

The bus was turning left, if you look at the pictures, the bus is on the wrong side of the road. I live in the neighborhood and the bus drivers think they own the road. I have never seen them stop at a stop sign, and I have to move to the edge of the road because they drive in the middle. It wasn't the bikes fault, you shouldn't be so quick to judge.
Redneck75 5/16/2014 9:34:00 PM Report

The bus drivers in this city are ridiculous. I was forced into the middle turning lane on Trunk on my motorcycle when one pulled off Dacey right in front of me. They are completely reckless in their driving.
ducky58 5/16/2014 9:43:34 PM Report

Harry where in these pictures do see this guy pulled up on the right hand side of the bus. Clearly the bus has cut the corner by a good 4 feet. If that was a car he would have drove over the hood. And who cares if it was a scooter or or motorbike the guy could have been seriously hurt. Think people.
Sault_ont 5/16/2014 11:17:40 PM Report

when you ride an e-bike you ride on the side of the road like a regular mountain bike and you go with the traffic.
Sault_ont 5/16/2014 11:36:05 PM Report

If anyone is wondering where you can ride an ebike here is something I googled

E-bike riders, who do not have to be licensed or insured, have to ride to the left of the bicyclist in a roadway bike lane. If he or she can keep up with traffic, the e-bike rider can use the centre of the lane. Otherwise the e-biker would have to ride to the right of the car and to the left of the cyclist, or travel on another street with no bike lane.
eadiecougs 5/17/2014 12:09:35 AM Report

the bus drivers in this city drive crazy.I know a friend of mine was parked the bus driver smashed right into her and he already had a accident the following week.
Rockin 5/17/2014 2:13:53 AM Report

I'm happy our bus people have grit on the roads.. Don't think for a second that anyone in here if /when given a chance will pussy foot 24/7 on a day to day basis... Or even across town jaunts!

Thank you city transit.. From a life long guy that grew up here in the Soo! I've never felt threatened by any bus on the road... For the mileage you guys rack up a year you are commended for a lack ofaccidents.
kamen 5/17/2014 2:27:27 AM Report

Do you know how many times the bus drives up on the curb when they turn corners? I see it all the time down by the john rhodes....glad everyone is okay.
psjj 5/17/2014 9:25:33 AM Report

Kamen, next time you see the bus climb the curb at the John Rohdes stop and take in the whole picture. Ever notice how cars park all along the building front on both sides while dropping or waiting for passengers? Whoever decided that a city bus should travel through that mess should have their head examined.
The buses in most other cities don't even travel into subdivisions because of the issues of negotiating a 40 foot long vehicle through streets and lanes designed for passenger cars.
No doubt this scooter will be repaired at the city's expense and hopefully the powers that be take note and get these buses out of the subdivisions.
We need a transit system but maybe modify the fleet and routes so smaller buses are running through the subdivisions and the monsters stay out on main routes picking up transfers.
BTW take a good look at the photo of the downed scooter and ask yourself why was he out past the stop sign when he got clipped? You can see for easily 500 feet in both directions at that intersection even when you stop properly behind the stop sign.
SW33T_LOU 5/17/2014 9:59:10 AM Report

What concerns me the most is how much road is on the right hand side of the bus and how little road is on the left of the bus (THE ONCOMING LANE). This bus driver clearly didn't negotiate the corner anywhere near wide enough. Likely cause for this?? KING OF THE ROAD SYNDROME.
SW33T_LOU 5/17/2014 10:03:34 AM Report

Further as a PUBLIC entity, we as the citizens of Sault Ste. Marie should be calling for inquiries into such accidents so the proper charges are filed. If you or I did that in a pickup, or if a Commercial driver in a big rig did this we would have the book thrown at us. The same should happen for bus drivers. They are commercial drivers not "good samaritans". They should be just as accountable for their actions behind the wheel the same as you or I.
dude4975 5/17/2014 10:18:12 AM Report

Busses go way to fast , wheres the hurry , they speed off like thier on a drag strip only to brake for another stop, they signal to pull out and thats what they do pull out whether your ready or not they get and have the right of way,but not a safe thing for some, they drive down Douglas Street like a drag strip, there was a collision on Douglas last week , car had to be towed and driver of car taken to hospital with non life threatening injuries, never heard who was at fault was listed in police beat all hush hush ,Buss drivers are like us, we have speed rules and get caught for speeding ,use the radar gun on busses!!
GSB1971 5/17/2014 11:27:30 AM Report

I live on Lake Street and the southbound bus comes flying down Lake St and then slams on the brakes to turn east on MacDonald. The bus is doing at least 80 km/h in a 50 km/h zone. I'd love to see a speed trap set up to ticket these a-holes.
sweetnsexy69er 5/17/2014 12:15:24 PM Report

If anyone really looked at photo #2 you would see the scooter was stopped well past the stop sign..if he would have been before the stop sign where he legally was suppose to stop then he would never have been hit...rules of the road is when at a red light or stop sign you are to stay behind the white line...if there is no white line then have to stop just before the corner of the side walk if no side walk then stop a few feet from the corner..rule is there to prevent this from happening..yes I agree the bus drive cut the corner but you have to consider this is a long vehicle and depends on how narrow the roads are they might have to cut corners so they can make it around
raeann.childs 5/17/2014 5:27:00 PM Report

id like to see EVERYONE involved with road travel KEEP THIER EYES ON THE ROAD!!! AND THE SIDEWALKS!!! there are going to be several CHILDREN riding BIKES, THEY HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY NO MATTER WHAT, in my eyes, we are allresponsible to keep the children in the neighborhood safe from all harm,
scooters are to follow the rules of the road and if they don't, they'll get hurt...noone else....get a good helmet if you'd like to stay safe and stay off the sidewalks!!!
Tag33&1/3rd 5/20/2014 7:19:54 AM Report

Ya I agree! Bus Drivers are doing their Jobs in which they get Paid $! Doesn't mean they are good drivers and it certainly doesn't mean they are "Good Samaritons or Saints" LOL
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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