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'How many promises have Liberals broken?' asks Ross

Saturday, May 17, 2014   by: Staff
Fact Check: Liberals can’t be trusted to keep Northern promises
SAULT STE. MARIE –The Liberals made 70 new promises in this year’s budget but failed to keep three simple promises they made in last year’s budget.
Here are the facts on the Liberals’ record in the North:
  • Made grand promises about putting $1 billion into the Ring of Fire but their promise is conditional on Stephen Harper’s support. Meanwhile Kathleen Wynne campaigns on conflict with Harper;
  • Sat on their hands as Cliffs Natural Resources pulled up stake;
  • Promised to convert the Thunder Bay Generating Station twice. Only to cancel it twice, putting resource development in the Thunder Bay region at risk;
  • Privatized Winter Road Maintenance, leaving Northern drivers with highways covered in snow;
  • Dismantled the Ontario Northlander;
  • Dismantled the Ontario Ranger Program;
  • Closed parks across the North;
  • Cut jobs at the Ministry of Natural Resources;
  • Made a mess of Northern Ontario’s Forestry Tenure system; 
  • Left Northern Ontario with unaffordable energy leading to mill closures across the North.
“Families in the North know that they can’t trust the Liberals to keep their promises,” said Celia Ross, NDP candidate for Sault Ste. Marie. “They’ve set up a head office for OLG in Toronto, but say they’ll keep a head office here as well – claiming that they can have two head offices. Meanwhile, they failed to rule out local job losses. That just doesn’t make sense.”
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steelworker 5/17/2014 2:12:03 PM Report

...and the NDP supported them all the way.
Mr. Poster 5/17/2014 2:20:39 PM Report cannot have it both ways. You knew what they were spending money on and YOUR PARTY SUPPORTED IT...more than once, You party has not even released a platform on which voters can look at. You can promise the moon because you know you will never form the government.
soowat 5/17/2014 2:27:42 PM Report

After a lot of association with academics it is my view that as a group, academics are well aware of the way the world should run,but are not as aware of how the world does run. For example,can a person at Dr. Ross's income level truly understand the problems of a young couple trying to make it on a couple of minimum wage jobs? That,and similar questions make me nervous and hesitant to seriously consider voting for her
H.E.T. 5/17/2014 3:04:58 PM Report

In a canadian election you pick the least crocked thief with the best bullshit story. There is no such thing as " an honest politician ". They don't give a dam about anything except how much money they can scam into his or her pocket without getting caught. Same shit new pile different scammers.
Frio 5/17/2014 3:13:21 PM Report

Instead of playing the blame game, what is the NDP and Ms. Ross going to do to make Ontario prosper again? How do they plan to improve the economy, the job situation for young people, to stop the continually shrinking middle class from disappearing that pays the majority of taxes that supports all government expenditures and programs from corporate welfare to general welfare, to create a balanced budget and to reduce the big debt hole Ontario is in? Give us some substance not the same old non productive rhetoric.
MYPOINT 5/17/2014 3:46:47 PM Report

is as follows ...


If I give you my vote, are YOU willing to ensure that some sort of recall method (51%+1) is put into place for all future Provincial elections after this one so that we, the voters, can fire anyone who breaks the 'contract' they make with us by lying to us by making promises they have no intention of keeping and by doing so, are in fact stealing our votes during all future election campaigns?

It is a simple question that I shall be asking every one of you if you happen to come to my door asking for my vote. I shall also be asking it at any debates that you three decide to have ( if any ) and I shall pester you about it until each of you gives me an honest answer.

I know that each of you or one of your staff involved with your campaigns are reading these comments so there is no use in any of you trying to ignore this question.

As always, your views may differ :)
OrlandoFlorida 5/17/2014 3:58:08 PM Report

Forgot to mention that the Liberals are actively supporting the privatization of the OLG, which not only provides a 2 Billion profit for the province but employs hundreds of people in the Soo. Imagine the economic impact when the second largest employer in the city is sold off and moved to Toronto or possibly the USA. And David O states yesterday that he is shocked that the NDP and PCs don't seemed committed to the OLG like he is. Does he mean committed to selling the OLG like he and the Liberals are???
Entity 5/17/2014 4:12:50 PM Report

^ The auditor general's report, page 41, indicated that the OLG plans to cut 795 corporate jobs (as well as privatize every casino). It indicated that the prize office in Toronto (York Mills) will experience the least impact from those cuts.

The other 2 offices, Sault Ste. Marie, and another office in Toronto will make up most of the cuts...

Between Sault Ste. Marie and that other office in Toronto, there are only 700 employees (approximately)...

Do the math.

The OLG plans to get rid of the Sault office, completely, as soon as it is possible to do so.
Moonshiner 5/17/2014 4:42:00 PM Report

Our Outdoors Cards come from the States,Libs did that.
OrlandoFlorida 5/17/2014 5:13:26 PM Report

Maybe Mr Orazetti is more concerned about towing the party line regarding Soo jobs being sacrificed for Toronto. He certainly has not stood up for saving those jobs here in the Soo.
Big Deal 5/17/2014 5:22:45 PM Report

It is disgusting...they are ALL a bunch of criminals!!! All of them!!! It makes me SICK TO MY STOMACH to think these bunch of crooks just keep getting in time and time again!!! Why is it that when these political crooks steal and lie they are NOT fired immediately without pay as would be the case in my job position??? If there were a circle on the voters ballad for "I demand a new government"...that would be my choice hands down!!! I would be curious to see how many people of Ontario would vote for this???
anapeg 5/17/2014 5:25:56 PM Report

How many promises have all parties broken? Each and every one is an equal when it comes to indiscretions, lying, and going back on their dubious "word". "Let those among you free from sin cast the first stone"! I am not a practicing Christian so the quote is a loose translation.
damzull1 5/17/2014 5:52:03 PM Report

There all liars and thieves don't matter who you vote for
asp 5/17/2014 6:07:26 PM Report

No More Liberals and I don't care if the fire fighters endoese the party, there is more going on in this province. Lost Jobs, Lost of Healt Care !!!!
madmaymax 5/17/2014 6:56:14 PM Report

madmaymax 5/17/2014 7:00:53 PM Report

Damzul gets it:):):)Lets vote the government out:):):)Make some new parties and let the people know where all their money is going at all times,maybe a monthly reoprt in layman tearms with a real breakdown,and not forget to show all money coming in:):):):We the people are just gov slaves and we don't realize it YET??
rockbanger 5/17/2014 9:34:25 PM Report

What is how many Soo voters think the whining school teacher has done a great job.

Soo voters are easily bought out and led down the garden path. The red machine was excellent at spending money they did not have. We the taxpayers will need to cover this over the next decades

Basically our children will have this debt to worry about.

Remember how many millions Dave spent to save the local paper mill. The paper mill went under but a few local business-people who were his family friends took a nice chunk of cash off the table courtesy of Dave's Fascist Red Machine. That was a bold face lie and was a blatant misuse of government funds.

Fascism was rampant in Europe 80 years ago and today the same model runs North America.

"When people do no know history it repeats itself."
Twistinwrenches 5/17/2014 11:56:51 PM Report

The province is broke!! We have to cut spending. Our childrens future here depends on it.
eadiecougs 5/18/2014 12:46:11 AM Report

agreed twist the kids of today wont make it tommorow .climate change big governments stealing it will be a bad future.
archer 5/18/2014 10:11:45 AM Report


CTV Toronto News
Peter Brunner posted this and I think it says it all.

Green Energy Act (20 billion)

eHealth scandal (almost 2 billion)

Gas plant scandal (1.1 billion theft and cover-up of our tax dollars)
Deleting e-mails

ORNGE scandal (700 million)

Ontario Northland Railway scandal (820 million)

Caledonia Hydro Line scandal (116 million)

Lobbyist scandal (two multi-million dollar scandals)

Eco-Fee Reversal scandal (18 million)

CancerCare Ontario scandal (millions of dollars)

Slush Fund scandal (32 million)

Niagara Falls Commission scandal

Ontario Power Generation scandal

Children’s Aid Society scandal

Nanticoke Coal Power Plant Shutdown scandal

G20 Secretly Approved Police Power scandal

Auto Insurance scandal

Foreign Scholarships scandal (our students pay the highest tuition in Canada while foreign students get free university educations)

Offshore Wind Turbines scandal

Pan Am scandal (cost increase from 1.4 to 2.5 billion)

MPAC scandal (over and under-valuation of properties)

OLG scandal (millions of dollars)

Chemotherapy Dosage scandal

Payout for Pan Am CEO (250 million)

Trillium Wind Power and Sky Power Limited lawsuit (500 million)

Cement company lawsuit (275 million) - Quarry outside Hamilton was scuttled for political reasons

School bus service lawsuit

Augusta/Westland lawsuit as it pertains to ORNGE

Elliot Lake Collapse lawsuits (two lives lost due to recovery delays)

Ontario Medical Association lawsuits - applied to Superior Court alleging McGuinty not negotiating in “good faith”

Breast Screening scandal (ensuing lawsuits due to thousands of misread mammograms, one life lost)

Over 650 new agencies, boards, commissions and entities such as LHIN's and CCAC's

Over 300,000 new public servants many of whom, are on the sunshine list

Public sector employment in health care increased by 39%

Public sector employment in social services increased by 39%

Public sector employment in education increased by 34%

Paying more Liberal taxes only to receive fewer services as taxes now being spent to pay the salaries and perks of newly-assigned, Liberal-friendly public servants

Gutted our manufacturing base (job growth across Canada except in Ontario)

Nearly one million Ontarians now out of work

Increased spending by 80% while our economy grew by only 9%

More than doubled our debt to 288 billion

Running a 11.3 billion annual deficit

Debt servicing costs will rise from 11.4 billion today to 14.5 billion once the debt exceeds 300 billion by 2017-18

Interest payments on our debt now the third largest budget expenditure after health and education

Task Force on Competitiveness, Productivity and Economic Progress confirmed that McGuinty’s Green Energy Act grossly underestimated the cost to consumers and overestimated the number of new jobs that would be created

Tax collectors getting 45,000.00 severance packages for switching job titles from provincial to federal

Two ministries under an OPP criminal investigation - ORNGE and gas plant scandals

Pharmacy war

Illegal green taxes

Increased smart meter, electricity, hydro, tuition and car insurance costs

Implemented tire tax, electronics tax, eco fee, health premium (tax), WSIB tax increase, HST, beer surtax

Failing grade on ADHD education

Ranking the lowest of all provinces for fiscal performance

Delisting eye exams, physiotherapy, chiropractic care, diabetic strips, etc.

Increasing wait time for cataract surgery

No longer covered for eye exams yet taxpayers paying for sex changes

Wait time for nursing home bed tripled

Failure to disclose elevated radiation levels

OES missed its collection and recycling targets by 59%

Not correcting the foreign ownership of our beer market

Acceptance of garbage striker extortion

Harassing labour inspectors

Kowtowing to green energy lobbies

Imposing blood alcohol rules that punish people who are not impaired

Public utilities donating to Liberals

Voting to cover up the Niagara Parks Commission scandal

Emergency room wait times not meeting provincial targets

Put on notice by Standard and Poor, credit rating downgraded, under a very serious credit watch

Have-not province for the first time in Canadian history

Borrowing more debt than any province except NB

Dramatic cuts in health care services in schools

Nurses getting bonuses despite a wage freeze

Insufficient senior homecare services

Failing grade of Family Responsibility Office

Abstained from vote to investigate CBC expenses

Cash kickback scheme involving government cleaning contracts

Talked about a two-year freeze on wages for public sector while previously giving the OPP a 5% wage increase - the OPP received another raise of over 8% in January, 2014

Energy now unaffordable yet we must pay Quebec and some north-eastern States to take our surplus energy

Encouraging farmers to build small-scale solar projects but having no way to connect them to the power grid

Laid up in US hospital beds as no beds available in Ontario

Refusing public inquiry into G20 fiasco

Giving those who hire only newcomers a 10,000.00 tax credit

Third highest user of food banks

Announced pay freezes knowing that 38,000 were getting a 3% salary increase after the election

Nortel Pensions bailout

Hiding hospital errors from the public

Teachers skipping classes to assist with anti-Conservative campaign

Failing grade in northern forestry management

Almost 40 C. difficile deaths to date

Loss of 6,500 cancer patient health records

Highest rent increase rate in years

Ignoring evidence that wind turbines can cause poor health

Workers at eHealth suing for not receiving bonuses

Liam denied eye care that another child is receiving under OHIP

Ontarians pleading for their lives or dying because they aren’t getting the health care they need

Lady with a brain tumor denied help to cover costs which costs are covered in Manitoba

Electricity rates to rise 42% over five years

Prior loss of 60,000 jobs in the horse racing industry – now attempting to correct this


Ring of Fire

Cleaning kick-back scheme that ended with the conviction of three persons (two of whom were employed by Wynne’s ministry at the time …)

Muslim prayers allowed in our publicly-funded school system while the Lord’s Prayer has been banned

rockbanger 5/18/2014 12:05:54 PM Report


You hit the centre RED dot with your arrow!

Fascism is an ugly word... Represents an ugly mentality. Fascism is a great thing for those who receive the government monies.
It is the taxpayers who suffer the pain, when repaying the monies stolen by the culprits.

My moto for this election is ANYBODY BUT the Liberals. Anyone but Davie-'O'.... ANYONE.

soowat 5/18/2014 7:40:00 PM Report


So I am assuming that you wouldn't use any of the benefits that Davey O. brought to SSM. Eg no member of you family will ever attend the new high school that has been buit or the new high school that is being built. Also, we will never see you or any member of your family in the new hospital.
rockbanger 5/19/2014 9:03:20 AM Report

No... I will need to use the hospital as you will..

Problem with our hospital is how it was financed and who makes the money off of the province. Private banks.

Look up fascism in any dictionary and you will see that government funds sent to private companies even on an investment basis are a bad thing.

If you vote for Dave and if he wins then we can keep piling on debt. Our children will pull a rabbit out of the hat to pay it back?

The province needs to be wiser with its or our money. That is the main point of my disdain for the Liberal Neo-Cons....
MYPOINT 5/19/2014 9:44:06 AM Report


To the poster who posted that huge list ...

NURSES ( RPN's ) did NOT get raises or bonuses no matter what ANYONE says. My spouse IS an RPN at the local hospital and she has gone 3 years without any raise in pay or any so called bonuses. Her contract comes up in October and it is rumoured that she will be going for yet another 3 years without a raise.

This means that if you are incorrect with ONE claim, you are probably wrong with others. Just saying ...

As always, your views may differ :)
soogirl91 5/19/2014 12:40:30 PM Report

This scares me to no end, all of you on here saying they are all theives and liars and no one is worth voting for... please don't vote then! If you can't find the lesser of evils, just don't vote at all.
DGR 5/21/2014 12:06:10 AM Report

Bottom line a vote for the Liberal Party is a vote to put Ontario in further debt.
Remember, if you like the outdoors, enjoy it now because that freedom is about to end for all of us.
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