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Stephen wants to be your DD

Thursday, May 08, 2014   by: Staff




Franchise Partner Stephen Findlay is pleased to invite everyone to celebrate the newest Driverseat Franchisee.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario – Driverseat is pleased to announce that Stephen Findlay has purchased the rights to the Driverseat franchise for Sault Ste. Marie Ontario.

The Grand Opening to the business will take place May 9, 2014 at Casey’s Bar and Grill in Algoma’s Water Tower Inn located 360 Great Northern Road starting at 5 p.m. until 9 p.m.

“We could not be more pleased to have the opportunity to invite the community to celebrate the official grand opening of Driverseat Sault Ste. Marie,” states Stephen Findlay, owner of the franchise. “The community has embraced our business and the services we offer”, he continued.

Customers will enjoy this innovative service; with the company offering eight innovative vehicle relocation services.

The flagship service is Designated Driving which has us take you and your vehicle home for you.

“We are already in the entertainment business with an established DJ and wedding company, having been in the industry for almost 15 years,” remarks Stephen.

“This franchise is a perfect fit for an industry that we really enjoy, and will allow us to grow our service offering to our client base.”

Stephen was born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, and studied business at Lake Superior State University.

Stephen is passionate about his hometown and is looking forward to having a positive influence on the community, ensuring that those who have consumed alcohol have a safe and reasonable way to get home.

“We look forward to introducing ourselves and our many services to the community, starting with this grand opening”, says Stephen.

“Our desire is to meet other responsible drivers who care about the Soo as much as we do. This business and its responsible nature is important to us, our family and friends and all Saultites. And we hope to see all of our supporters and the community out at the grand opening May 9th starting 7:30pm,” added Stephen.

Driverseat Sault Ste. Marie can be reached by calling, emailing or through the website.

Phone 705-998-2614




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ThinkAgain 5/8/2014 7:49:25 PM Report

Isn't this what a cab company already does?
kit kat 5/8/2014 7:56:37 PM Report

No cab companies do not pickup people plus their vehicle and bring them home..Cab companies just pick up people and bring them home..
TFinn 5/8/2014 8:11:17 PM Report

Very good ..all the best for you and drivers seat. I have heard nothing but good things about this service. Don't need people that have been drinking on the roads.
ranny 5/8/2014 8:37:27 PM Report

If only people would pay the extra for a ride home instead of paying extra for last call.
superior87 5/8/2014 9:03:57 PM Report

Have used it, did exactly what they advertised.
Pakadeva 5/9/2014 12:16:56 AM Report

It's an awesome service to SSM & I wish them well, a few less injured or dead victims when people act responsibly.
right wing 5/9/2014 7:43:36 AM Report

Would have been nice if the "news" article had some information on Driverseat services.
They offer more than just D.D., they will drive you and your car to the airport so you do not have to pay parking fees.
They drive folks to medical appointments, grocery shopping etc.
They call the drivers coachmen and they of course use your car and a "chaser" car in some cases to pick up their coachmen.
If you are having a function such as a wedding you can hire several coachmen to drive guests and their cars home.
grumpy guy 5/9/2014 8:21:09 AM Report

Way to go safety steve all the best. GOOD LUCKBuddy
marcusjapan 5/9/2014 8:44:14 AM Report

This service has been provided here in Japan for years. It is a great thing to have and keep people from driving their cars home. They call it drive home service.
TFinn 5/9/2014 9:02:57 AM Report

right wing 5/9/2014 7:43:36 AM

You are correct...found this off their website.


Designated Driving
Airport Service
Special Events
Elderly Accompaniment
Chauffeur Service
Valet Service
Medical Service
Fleet Service
Alona B 5/9/2014 9:45:04 AM Report

Great service Stephen, fantastic idea. I've had friends who have used the service and praise it. Keep up the good work.
crashed13 5/9/2014 11:43:06 AM Report

As long as its not twice the cost of a cab since they use two drivers or just taking a cab home and back to your car the next day would also work.
Blind Voltage 5/9/2014 1:02:53 PM Report

the cost can be a lil much compared to a cab BUT you arrive alive an have your car home! think about the bill you'd get if you drove an pulled over! or caused an accident!? now, are all the drivers that work for the company, have they been carefully looked at? background check, criminal record? what if a driver brought your car home for you an grabbed anything out of your car or the spare key etc?? there are those kind of people out there an some you wouldn't even think it.. hope they all get scrutenised well..
soodiamonds 5/9/2014 1:28:06 PM Report

@ crashed13 and Blind Voltage

I was actually curious myself and called and talked to a Jeanete. Pricing starts at $25 bucks for up to 8km and that's generally good anywhere in town, after that, it's based on flat rates for distance. Pretty good prices and much less than getting charged with impaired. I also asked about the drivers..she said they are very thorough and get full driver's abstracts and criminal background checks done. Most of the time you would be with the driver in your own vehicle I would think.

Seems like a legit business and a good value for those who like me hate leaving their car somewhere overnight. It's nice to have that option now.

Hope they do well.
MYPOINT 5/9/2014 1:29:54 PM Report

is as follows ...

Many , many years ago, I owed and operated fourteen taxis in Southern Ontario. Since we were all 'Owner-Operators' working on a fleet, it was entirely different from the way they manage cabs here in S.S.Marie. We used to offer this type of service using the same principle and it works wonders. We used to have 2 taxi drivers involved in all calls ... 1 to drive 'your' car back to your home and the other to bring the one taxi driver back to his vehicle. The total cost for this service was a flat rate of $10 + the cost of the taxi ride X 2 and then the two taxi drivers would split the total fare between themselves. Although this was a bit time consuming sometimes, it was much better than having a drunk driver on the road.

That being said, this would usually only work when the taxi fleet was a large one because a smaller fleet would not want to necessarily have one of their cabs sitting idle during busy times. All in all, I must say I participated in many of these types of calls because my own feelings were that it was much safer for ME to be on streets when there were less 'drunks' driving on the same streets.

Since the cabs here in S.S. Marie are not licensed as 'Owner-Operators' since all of the vehicles are actually owned by each of the cab companies, I wish to convey my thanks to the owner of this new business venture and wish him/her all the very best. For those who have never used this type of service, let me say that when I was doing this type of work, ALL of my drivers ( me included ) were checked out by the police prior to even getting a taxi licence. Therefore in all likelihood, the drivers ( coachmen ) for this new business venture would probably be suitably checked out by the local police prior to getting a job driving anyone anywhere. To do otherwise would make certain customers wary of using this business. Knowing that ALL of the drivers had been checked out by the police should give all of their customers no qualms whatsoever about using this service.

Again, my thanks to the owners of this new business venture ... this is something this city requires to stop all of the unnecessary drunk driving that we hear about so often.

As usual, your views may differ :)
TFinn 5/9/2014 2:27:12 PM Report

crashed13 5/9/2014 11:43:06 AM

lol who wants to get up next morning ...maybe hung over and/or tired, freezing outside, have to call for a cab again and wait.. pay the cab again, go to where ever your car is parked ..hope it's not ticketed or towed because of snow removal or worse broke into.? ... To have a safe ride home, my car in my own driveway is worth a lot to me...! I know some people that used the service this winter ..very happy campers and said it was less than cab-ing it both ways, said it was well worth it and even tipped their driver. I'm all for it, nice to have this available …our city needs these types of businesses and services's good for us all..!

teeem 5/12/2014 10:57:58 AM Report

This service is GREAT!

Definitely something the Sault can take advantage of now that all the cab companies have gone MIA.

As many of you have said... its a little bit pricier than a cab, however peace of mind is priceless.

And waiting over an hour for a cab is just ridiculous... if they ever end up coming that is.

This service will come in handy. However the lack of cabs and their attentiveness needs to be addressed by the city sooner than later, unless they want many cases of drinking and driving this summer.

Thanks DriverSeat for eliminating some of these chances!
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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