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Casino pumps $295,000 into city coffers

Tuesday, April 22, 2014   by: Staff
The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has issued a fourth-quarter (January to March, 2014) non-tax gaming revenue payment of $295,083 to the City of Sault Ste. Marie for hosting OLG Casino Sault Ste. Marie.
To date, Sault Ste. Marie has received more than $22.7 million in non-tax gaming revenue.

“OLG host municipalities invest shared gaming site revenues in important local programs and infrastructure, creating stronger communities,” said MPP David Orazietti. “The OLG plays a vital role in the local Sault Ste. Marie economy and in providing well-paying jobs for our community and our government plans on ensuring OLG jobs remain in Sault Ste. Marie.”

These payments are made under an equitable formula in the Municipality Contribution Agreement that determines the fee municipalities receive for hosting an OLG gaming facility and are based on an escalating scale of slot machine revenue that is consistent across all sites in Ontario.

Under the agreement, municipalities receive:

  • 5.25% on the first $65 million of slot revenue
  • 3.0% on the next $135 million of slot revenue
  • 2.5% on the next $300 million of slot revenue
  • 0.5% on slot revenue above $500 million
  • 4.0% on table game revenue

At $2 billion annually, OLG provides the Ontario government with its largest source of non-tax revenue.

Modernization will enable OLG to provide additional revenue to the Province to help fund the operation of hospitals and other provincial priorities.

At the same time, it could help to create jobs across Ontario and trigger private sector investment.

In 2013-2014, the province allocated $115 million in gaming revenue to support charities through the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Every year, the Government of Ontario allocates funding to the province’s problem gambling program for research, treatment and prevention.  

The amount for 2013-2014 was $41 million.

OLG is a provincial agency responsible for province-wide lottery games and gaming facilities.

Since 1975, OLG has provided nearly $38 billion to the Province and the people of Ontario.

OLG’s annual payments to the Province have helped support health care; education, research, prevention and treatment of problem gambling; amateur sport through the Quest for Gold program; and local and provincial charities.

Ontario Gaming helpline: 1-888-230-3505


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Entity 4/22/2014 2:20:39 PM Report

In other news, the City mismanaged all of it.
debo 4/22/2014 2:34:49 PM Report

In other news, since our local casino "structure" can hardly be viewed as a "destination attraction" most of the money generated ... is sucked out of the community. The fractional amounts indicated in the article can hardly make up for the loss of money to our community.
MIG welder 4/22/2014 2:46:24 PM Report

The casino is such a sad place. Nothing going on there and it looks like a dump.
AlwaysAWinner 4/22/2014 2:47:32 PM Report

its not "sucked" out of the community, the only people to blame are the gamblers themselves. if there was no casino, they would buy more scratch tickets. if there's no scratch tickets they will buy more lotto tickets

stop with this pity party like people are robbing helpless individuals. people want to blow their money at a casino. that's nobodies problem but theirs
Eagles Fan. 4/22/2014 2:47:45 PM Report

Holy faaaack!! Don't you people ever stop bitching???
MIG welder 4/22/2014 2:58:52 PM Report

Eagles Fan you are biching about us bitching you are as bad as the rest of them. Dumbass
Paddlenut 4/22/2014 3:15:22 PM Report

No...he's not.
MikeQ 4/22/2014 3:17:34 PM Report

@ Eagles Fan

Hahaha right on man.
rebel469 4/22/2014 3:23:36 PM Report

At least OLG rewards their staff with raises or at least cost of living increases, oh wait...that stopped 6 years ago.
old-cat33 4/22/2014 3:24:42 PM Report

Glad none of it's mine!
Punkz 4/22/2014 3:39:06 PM Report

Maybe some roads will be repaired now? HAH
Eagles Fan. 4/22/2014 3:49:54 PM Report

lol @ MIGwelder. You should start welding in more well ventilated areas
I'm In 4/22/2014 5:19:17 PM Report

$295,000.00 is what OLG gave, they took in over $1 million, about 2k of it is mine, but I did win $5400.00 in Pick 4 so you could say I gave some back, yep I am a gambler and love it.
Paddlenut 4/22/2014 6:13:16 PM Report

No, they took in about $5.6 Million to yield around $295k of the City share of 5.25% of slot revenues.
Sam C 4/22/2014 7:39:36 PM Report

AlwaysAWinner... unfortunately, there are more patrons who are "helpless" than you believe. For most people, gambling IS a choice, but for some, it is a compulsion, even an addiction.

There are a lot of people who are pegging their retirement plans on a big win -- whether at the gaming machines, on scratch tickets, or the lottery.

The other problem I have is that the portion the Casino pays the City is a rather small percentage of the take.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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